They’ve been a staple of the classroom for generations now but Casio calculators are far from stuck in the past. Here, Gerard Dummett, UK Education Manager at Casio, explains to QA Eduction editor Victoria Galligan how Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, is helping Casio to bring education into the 21st Century… 

• Tell us about Casio products in the classroom – what are your biggest sellers? How do your products enhance learning?

Dan Sullivan, founder of Empiribox – a whole-school solution that makes it easy for primary schools to deliver thought-provoking science in their classrooms – shares his thoughts on why practical science should remain strongly within the primary national curriculum…

The Pearly White Club created the UK’s first bamboo toothbrush subscription service to address the 300 plastic toothbrushes we will each throw away on average over our lifetime. Here, founders Jenny and Dave Hutchings discuss the motivation behind getting their new product on the market….

How and when did the company begin trading?

During SATs week, GCSEs exam period and Mental Health Awareness Week, we take a look at whether parents could pass a GCSE in science.
Parents often say "exams were harder in my day", but do they really appreciate how hard GCSEs are? And could they do better than their children? When it comes to GCSE science, it looks like the answer is a resounding no! When online learning company Tassomai asked parents to put their science knowledge to the test, they didn’t compare to their children who scored significantly higher marks.

According to a recent report published by Sir John Holman, president of the Royal Society for Chemistry, high-stake exams are preventing schools from carrying out enough practical science activities. Many have responded by highlighting the importance of practical lessons, however, perhaps we need to take it further. 

A free scheme which allows UK schoolchildren to hold a piece of outer space in their hands has undergone a major revamp and now offers exciting new teaching resources and new meteorite samples.

Executive head teacher Malcolm Drakes explains how a science resource has changed the way that the subject is being taught across Broadford Primary School…


“Pupils at Broadford Primary School

Thursday 19 October 2017

Fifty lucky primary schools will get a spectacular science lesson delivered to their pupils absolutely free by Empiribox – creators of the only complete science solution for KS1 and KS2 that makes it easy for teachers to deliver captivating lessons designed to thrill, engage and firmly embed a love of science in their class.

Thursday 13 October 2016

• Almost a third of Brits (32%) don’t believe their school education prepared them for adult life

• Computer Science, Law and Psychology are the most popular modern GCSEs adults wish they could take now

• Almost a fifth of 18% of 18-24 year olds said they strongly disagreed that school set them up well for real life

• Would You Pass quiz tests if adults could pass GCSEs in modern subjects

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Promising young students from around the world are being dissuaded from studying in the UK following the EU Referendum, according to research published today and undertaken by the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF).

A survey conducted amongst existing and previous LIYSF students, found that 90% of the 406 respondents agreed that the idea of studying in the UK was an exciting or attractive prospect, however 38% also admitted that the departure of the UK from the European Union would dissuade them from studying or working here.