Falcons School
Falcons School for Girls Creative Health-Kick

Falcons School for Girls has hosted a series of innovative nutrition-focused activities, as part…

Clugston team at site who use Construction Frameworks
Construction frameworks are now being used as a teaching tool

Construction frameworks ensure the procurement and delivery of building projects in schools and…

Whole-school communication apps
Whole-school communication apps help engage parents

Whole-school communication apps can help to engage students, parents and potential employees in…

Future First Matt Lent
Putting pupils' Future First by providing inspirational role models

A charity which aims to introduce role models from industry to pupils who need inspiration has…

Physical computing Raspberry Pie mini computer
Physical computing: teaching the teachers

FutureLearn offer CPD on the teaching of computing. Here, programme coordinator Dan…

Safer Internet Day children on computers
Safer Internet Day 2018 – “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

Tuesday 6 February marks Safer Internet Day 2018, with activities taking place across the UK to…


  • stress and stay focused when teaching

    How to handle stress and stay focused when teaching

    The stress epidemic rings true all over the UK, not least for those working in the education profession, where 85% admit to experiencing stress in the workplace. While there will always be perio…

  • Gary Bryant, ITSI

    Technology in the classroom

    Here, Gary Bryant from ITSI explains the benefits of a broad church approach to technology in the classroom and looks at some of the latest research on how we all learn, unpacking some of the mo…

  • Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler, makers of PRTG Network Monitoring, based in Nuremburg, Germany.

    Why IT monitoring is essential for schools and colleges

    We all know that constant advancements in technology are changing both how we work, and also our private lives. IT monitoring now plays a key role across all sectors, with education being no dif…


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Following last year’s EPIC success, My EPIC Era 2018 once again launches its competition for schools and pupils throughout the UK.


Brought to you by 60 second histories My EPIC Era aims to encourage pupils interest in history.

60 second histories 

60 second histories are an online history film resource for schools.  60 second histories are all about delivering EPIC history in a simple and engaging format, their fantastic range of 60 second films are available online for teachers and students to view both in the classroom and at home.