Tuesday 14 November 2017

A mum of two has written a toolkit which assists primary school teachers in empowering their pupils to overcome bullying in the playground this Anti-bullying Week.

With this year’s Anti-Bullying Week taking place this week(13-17 November), Laura Gilchrist – author of ‘Playground Buddies’ – is keen to raise awareness of how her toolkit could make a profound difference in many children’s lives.

Monday 08 August 2016


Opting to install a canopy in a school would bring with it a number of benefits. The children would be able to play and learn outside in an environment that would not be affected by the wind or the rain.  This makes it possible to spend time outdoors all year round but it also means that the children are protected from the sun during the summer as it blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

From a safety perspective, the children will know that they have to remain within the canopy and this makes life easier for teachers.

There’s no doubt about it. Raising a child is hard work and can be particularly demanding of your time, energy and resources. The mess that children make, however, can be especially difficult to endure, so it’s no surprise that as many as 41% of parents have discouraged messy play in a bid to avoid adding to the volume of housework. But did you know that making a mess is actually vital for a child’s development? That’s why we’re supporting AO’s Life is Messy campaign, designed to help parents and carers with their child’s development.