QA Education magazine editor Victoria Galligan speaks to the team at Bookbuzz about how they engage young people with reading and promote a love for literature…

How and when did Bookbuzz begin?

Wednesday 01 March 2017

Schools across the nation will be filled with excited children dressed in their best fancy dress in the ultimate homage to some of the world's greatest literary creations.

With playgrounds brimming with Willy Wonkas and Cheshire Cats, and more wizards and witches than you could wave a wand at, schools across England, Wales and Scotland are all set to go above and beyond for this year's 20th anniversary celebrations. 

By Helen Trayler, Managing Director, Wordsworth Editions

This is a banner year for literature. Obviously, for us, every year is a banner year for literature. Literature is what we do. But this year, with the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and the beginning of the Brontë 200 celebrations, the media spotlight is being shone more brightly than ever on the classics.