The makers of Back In Time For School ask: have you ever wondered what school life was like in the old days – for real?

The hit series Back In Time For Tea is looking for teachers and students to take part in an exciting new BBC Two history series, Back In Time For School.

They are gathering together a class of modern-day teachers and teenagers to experience the school days of previous generations… from the Victorian era to the 1990s.

Over five, ten or even twenty years, how will Britain ensure greater efficiency for greater learning – and future-proof our children’s social and economic wellbeing? To properly prepare our children for the future workplace and business environment, it is vital that they are equipped for this. This includes being well-versed in technical skills.

With the EU referendum next month Shout Out UK and Sheffield University help young people unravel the issues surrounding Brexit and the EU.



ONS figures confirm Britain’s productivity puzzle, to which lifelong learning presents a key solution

The UK must embrace lifelong learning if it is to make progress towards improved productivity, warns The Open University. This warning comes as productivity figures released today reveal how Britain compares with its fellow G7 nations and largest global trading partners.


205 schools begin plans to transform their grounds to create insect homes

205 schools located across all counties within the UK, are celebrating the news that they been selected to participate in the UK wide ‘Polli:Nation’ project – an initiative which supports schools to provide food and shelter for Britain’s pollinating insects.