Sunshade Services Fixed Canopy Structures

Sunshade Services have recently completed the installation of numerous fixed canopy structures allowing the free access of children in & out of the adjacent classroom buildings in any weather. The main advantage of fixed canopies is their sturdiness & resilience to all inclement weather conditions whilst the opal coloured roof panels offer considerable shade cover in very sunny conditions. Our steel powder coated structures are available in almost any colour & can be complimented or matched to our wide colour range of safety pads.

Each structure is individually designed using the latest CAD software to suit any building profile to ensure that your own personal needs are met. All our fixed canopies are fitted with guttering systems which discharge rainwater to ground level. No shape or size of building is an issue as we survey all sites to find the best all-round solution & ensure that all existing drains & underground services are located to minimise any disruption to the client. No canopy is too big or too small. All installations are taken care of by our own employees to ensure total control from start to completion. Sunshade Services Fixed Canopy Structures

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