New visusafe stencil kit has the markings of an effective aid for schools in COVID-19 fight

Improved management of social distancing in schools during the COVID-19 pandemic is provided by a new floor stencil kit from visual communication solutions specialist Beaverswood.
Part of the Visusafe Personal Protection range, the stencil kit can be used to quickly mark out two metre spaces on the floor and other eye-catching public information messages to ensure people are kept safe and secure and that strict social distancing is observed.
Suitable for external areas outside where people queue, the kit comes in four different 400mm x 500mm stencil options, which instruct people to stay two metres apart, keep their distance, or indicate where they should stand when queuing.
A ruler, two cans of highly visible line marker paint (either yellow, red or white) and a hand held applicator, are also included in the kit.New visusafe stencil kit
The new social distance stencil kit is part of the Visusafe Personal Protection range, which is manufactured from good quality, high performance materials, helping organisations to comply with Public Health England guidelines, which ensure materials are as robust as possible and cleanable, providing maximum protection.


Jim Roberts, product manager at Beaverswood, said: "During the COVID-19, it's critical to ensure people are effectively protected in the workplace, staying safe and minimising the spread of the virus. Our new stencil kit is part of a package of measures that does that, providing a fast, easy to use and cost effective solution."


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