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The Importance of Building a Great Relationship Between Teachers and Parents

The Importance of Building a Great Relationship Between Teachers and Parents

In this post, The Present Tree, discuss thoughts on the importance of teacher-parent relationships, and offers some top tips to ensure that both teachers, and parents are making the most of their relationships. With the end of the academic year upon us, it is a good time for reflection. Next year, students may have different teachers, so it’s important to understand how to go about making a positive impression. The first contact between a teacher and a parent, in many ways, is the most… Full story

Project reveals new way to combat stress and anxiety in teachers

Schools and academies across the length and breadth of the country are full of staff battling stress and anxiety, leading one Trust to explore an innovative solution to the problem.  Leigh Academies Trust in Dartford decided to look at ways to combat stress in school staff by using Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) with the use of an Alpha-Stim Device. The Alpha-Stim is a portable cranial electrotherapy stimulation device that transmits tiny imperceptible microcurrents via ear-clips.… Full story

Tips for Creating Inspirational Classroom Displays

While schoolchildren across the country are getting more and more excited about breaking up for the summer holidays, teachers are already planning for the beginning of the next academic year. An important part of this preparation, especially for the earlier age groups, is preparing classroom displays.   A good display not only engages and informs, it also brightens up the atmosphere of the classroom - a plain, drab classroom is uninviting and may affect concentration. A classroom display… Full story

The Importance of Educating through Sport

Starting in 2018, more funding is going to be allocated to schools for PE, extra-curricular activities and healthy eating. The money is coming from the sugary drinks levy. All state-funded primary schools, secondary schools and sixth forms will receive some of the money.   The campaign is part of the government’s plan to tackle child obesity. Increasing sports and exercise in school is a crucial way to maintain children’s physical health and wellbeing. The NHS recommend that children need to… Full story

Five steps to (self-assessment) heaven

AS the FE and wider skills landscape shifts, effective self-assessment and the improvement plan that shakes out from this, is a key Ofsted expectation, says Louise Doyle, a further education consultant and director of quality assurance experts Mesma. Moreover, she says, such good practices allow education decision makers to stay in control while improving education and training provision.   There’s little doubt that many education decision makers see the value of self assessment and… Full story

Why Gardening Should be Taught in Schools

  It is often debated whether gardening should be included in the national curriculum. Our immediate and soul focus on academic learning can often detract from more creative and explorative learning experiences. Could we do more to improve our children’s nutritional health and environmental appreciation? Here are three reasons why gardening should be taught in schools.    Encourage Healthy Eating:    Recent statistics indicate a shocking 1 in 3 children are overweight by the age of 11,… Full story

Engaging education: How to harness Virtual Reality (VR) in schools

By Claire Stead, Online Safety Expert at Smoothwall   In 2016, UK schools saw a disappointing decline in A*-C grades at GCSE level, with the proportion of pupils who gained a C grade or above dropping by 2.1 percentage points from the previous year. Furthermore, results from primary schools in 2015 suggest that almost half of all students were failing to achieve adequate levels of understanding and ability in Maths, English and Science. Clearly, this is a huge concern and something very much… Full story

Lighting design for schools to promote wellbeing and energy efficiency

When designing the lighting for a school there are many factors that need to be considered. Beyond the primary objective of illumination, making the right lighting choices can help promote happiness amongst staff and students, improve productivity, and significantly reduce a school’s carbon footprint, whilst simultaneously cutting long-term energy costs. Take a look below as we explore each of these areas on a bit more detail…   Health and wellbeing When it comes to lighting in a school, the… Full story

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your School Canopy

Outdoor shelters and canopies are a great way to extend the space available to schools - from outdoor classrooms and dining areas to covered playgrounds - but how do you make sure you choose the right canopy or shelter for your school? Ask yourself the following five questions and you can’t go wrong.   What will the canopy be used for? It’s important to consider when your canopy will be in use, whether it’s during the summer months or all-year-round. Whichever option works for your school,… Full story

The Effects of Digital Media Consumption on Education

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 92% of teens report using the internet on a daily basis, with 24% claiming to be online “almost constantly.” The prevalence of digital media consumption among young people can have a significant impact on their education and study habits.   In another Pew study, while nearly three-quarters of high school teachers admit that digital research tools can have a positive impact on student performance, 87% also say that digital tech has resulted in… Full story

Wooden playground equipment and why it is better

The two key components of designing playgrounds is sustainability and safety. When children are playing around them their attentions tend to sway towards how ‘fun’ and interactive they are. So when it comes round to designing the playgrounds sustainability safety and fun must all be equally considered. The development stage Wooden play areas can bring children closer to nature. Made from natural resources such as driftwood and logs and are usually supported by natural landscapes such as small… Full story

The impact of Brexit on education

Ten months after the UK’s decision to leave the EU, the post Brexit future still remains uncertain. With Article 50 triggered at the end of last month, the one thing all experts agree on is that no one really knows what the future holds. As a global network of schools, The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (SWSF) has particularly strong ties with schools across Europe. That international link is at the core of our philosophy; we are currently developing  portable post-16 qualifications; we … Full story
 Handwriting vs Typing – Why the Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard

Handwriting vs Typing – Why the Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard

Are the days of the old pen and paper numbered? Where once we wrote letters to communicate with people in far-reaching places, we now turn to emails or social media. Where before we would have scribed handwritten notes, we’re now far more likely to type notes into a smartphone or tablet. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that handwriting is becoming a lost art. However, academics will tell you that taking handwritten notes is much more effective for studying than using a laptop or electronic… Full story

Forest school outdoor learning

The Hideout House Company have created a new range of outdoor classrooms and shelters to complement the forest school revolution As the Forest Schools programme spreads to more and more UK schools and is becoming ever more popular within both rural and urban educational environments, the Hideout House Company is now offering a creative and comprehensive range of products which complement this theme. The principal theme or philosophy being to encourage and inspire individuals of any age range… Full story

Plugging in to modular buildings – lighting controls in the education sector

As a growing population puts further strain on the demand for public services and school places, local authorities are turning to modular buildings to construct lower carbon buildings more quickly. These buildings, which are typically manufactured offsite and pieced together, demand an alternative approach when it comes to lighting control solutions. Martyn Frear, Business Development Manager at CP Electronics looks at key drivers behind the modular building boom and what this means for the… Full story

Is your classroom technology safe from damage & theft?

Whilst classroom technology continues to transform the learning environment and empower students with the tools that they need to succeed, it also puts schools under additional pressure, due to the financial investment that is involved. As the use of devices increases in our classrooms, so does the risk of damage and theft, so what can schools do to ensure the technology they are investing thousands of pounds in is secure? James Symons, CEO, LocknCharge offers some advice.   Technology comes… Full story

What to consider when choosing a urinal for your school

Guidance from the Department for Education and Skills states that private WC cubicles are preferable to urinals in a school setting - but spending restrictions can mean that this isn’t always possible. With a little planning and consideration, you can deliver a cost-effective solution without compromising the privacy of your pupils. Things to consider when choosing a urinal for your school Trough or bowl? There are predominantly two types of urinal to choose from: trough urinals and bowl… Full story

Visionary educator develops pastoral care evidence and improvement tool

Bag your school a complimentary 14-day trial of Pastoral Auditor during February!   The brain child of a visionary deputy headteacher from Telford, Pastoral Auditor is the industry’s first secure online pastoral effectiveness tool for secondary schools & academies. Developed by safeguarding specialist SSS Learning, Pastoral Auditor enables educators to deliver detailed evidence of different year and gender groups’ knowledge and understanding in PSHE, Citizenship, Spiritual, Moral, Social… Full story

Schools are making the recruitment crisis worse

• 40% of teachers cited off-putting application processes prevent them applying for jobs • 50% of teachers reported applications taking far too long to complete • 34% would prefer to submit a CV Complicated application forms and arduous recruitment processes are deterring teachers from applying for jobs according to 3,000 teachers surveyed as part of new research published today. A radical overhaul to the teaching recruitment processes employed by most schools is needed if we are to stem… Full story

Teaching teenagers with SPD

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is most often spoken about in relation to toddlers and young children, but it’s a condition that affects teenagers as well. However, much of the treatment information and advice available on SPD is targeted at a younger age bracket, and isn’t always helpful when it comes to knowing how to help a teenager cope in an educational setting.  Teenagers are more conscious of what their peers will think than a small child might be, and won’t necessarily respond in the… Full story

How to set up a screen printing department

Screen printing offers your art department a valuable and practical way of teaching students a skill set that they can go on to use in their working life, but setting a brand new screen printing department up can be a daunting task. We can break the process up into a step-by-step process to make this task easier.   Step 1: Choosing an ink system If you are wondering why choosing an ink system is step 1, there is good reason for it. In educational environments the “go-to” choice of ink… Full story

Apprenticeships ‘on the menu’ as Mitchells & Butlers launch new video series at The Skills Show 2016

Mitchells & Butlers plc, the company behind leading pub and restaurant brands such as All Bar One, Harvester, Miller & Carter, Toby Carvery, Browns and Sizzling Pubs inspired school leavers at last week’s Skills Show, giving future school leavers an interactive experience and showcasing the opportunities that a career in hospitality can offer. During The Skills Show, the UK’s largest careers show which took place at Birmingham’s NEC on 17-19 November, the pub and restaurant operator… Full story

Schools battling negative & offensive comments from parents online

In the run-up to Anti-Bullying Week, new data shows that at least 11,300[1] <#_ftn1>  school leaders across the country have received negative or offensive comments on social media against themselves, their school or their staff. While cyberbullying among pupils remains a significant concern[2] <#_ftn2> , findings released today by The Key, the organisation that provides leadership and management support to schools, reveal that school leaders are facing their own set of issues on… Full story

Make handwashing part of the daily school routine

If schools are to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria, handwashing is crucial. Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at skin care expert Deb, explains. Children are naturally curious. They like to explore things – and for this they often use their hands. At school, this comes with a risk. Hands can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria – and the main vehicle for their transfer. Illnesses such as colds and the flu can be the result. On average, children have 3 to 8 colds a year as their… Full story