Mindfulness - what is it?

What is Mindfulness? We hear the word Mindfulness used a lot these days particularly in relation to well-being.  Mindfulness is simple another word for being ‘aware’.  When we are ‘aware’ of the patterns and habits of our minds we have a better chance of preventing them from taking us off down unhelpful (neural) paths.  A mindfulness training course, whether for students, teacher and/or parents, not only increases our awareness but it also allows us to strengthen the ‘muscle’ of the mind.  As with any other muscle, the muscle of the mind needs strengthening frequently and regularly.  Research from the Universities of Oxford, Exeter and Bangor has shown that a stronger mind, developed through mindfulness practice, leads to lower levels of anxiety and depression, increased attention span and an increased overall sense of well-being.   


Mental health challenges for young people were at epidemic levels before the COVID-19 pandemic.  Never child practising mindfulnesshave children and young people needed support with mental health more than now.  As an Educational Psychologist of more than 20 years, I have not found a better way to reach a large number of children quickly, than by offering them an evidence-based Mindfulness Course such as those offered by Evolve Mindfulness CIC.  The courses that are offered through Evolve Mindfulness CIC were created by the Mindfulness in Schools Project and have undergone extensive research to get the right blend of mental health education and mediation.   


However, to have the greatest impact across your school community Mindfulness Training would also be offered to teachers and staff as well as parents.  At Evolve Mindfulness we also design bespoke Mindfulness Training packages for the whole school.  Our job would not be complete if we did not also help you to embed many of the positive practices from the courses within your school culture. We do this by building an open and trusting relationship with your school which we hope will continue for years to come.


For more information on Mindfulness Training Courses please visit www.evolvemindfulness.co.uk