Eating Disorders: can we help teenagers avoid them?

Here at tastelife, we believe emphatically that yes, we can help our teenagers avoid developing an eating disorder!  We know that eating disorders often begin during adolescence, so the vision behind Youth Track: Understanding Eating Disorders, is to keep teens informed about this too-often taboo subject, as well as to provide those who work with them the means and the confidence to engage with it in a healthy way.  


We believe that if young teenagers gain a clear understanding and healthy awareness of eating disorders, and understand why they might happen, they will be better equipped to avoid developing one themselves.  They will also be more compassionate and understanding towards others who struggle with an eating disorder, who often feel isolated and misunderstood.


Eating Disorders schoolWe also know that by talking more openly about sensitive issues such as eating disorders, we give teens the opportunity to seek help earlier than they perhaps might have.  This is crucial because we also know that the earlier a person gets help for their eating disorder, the quicker the recovery.  It also means that they are less likely to regress in the future.  So rather than avoid these topics, let’s get talking about them!  In fact, both the Department for Education and the PSHE Association recommend that schools should address the topic of eating disorders.  Our link will take you to an online information pack, including a short document outlining this very point, as well as highlighting the ways in which Youth Track help you as a school to meet your statutory PSHE requirements.


Eating disorders steal life, sometimes literally.  We want our adolescents to enjoy their teenage years - and well beyond.  If we can open up a conversation around this topic then we give them the opportunity to stay mentally healthy - or to nip any issues in the bud.  


If you would like to see some examples from the resource, then click HERE.  


We can help you address this serious illness within your school.  The Youth Track USB has everything you need to run engaging and effective lessons, all for a one-off fee of only £50.