Future-proofing learning environments with next-gen networking

School-wide connectivity and networks that are scalable and secure has never been more important in education.

Networks must support hybrid learning, immersive digital experiences and emerging EdTech – all whilst making the management of IT simpler and keeping students secure.

As organisations, schools are gradually transitioning into ‘smart spaces’ where monitoring everything from room temperature and device tracking to port management and encryption updates must be in a centralised, agile dashboard.

Whether to do with site management, or the quality of classrooms, one thing is clear about the future of learning; a space where education can thrive comes down to high performance networking.A classroom of pupils
Many schools are focusing on this digital transition, but without considering the foundations needed to underpin it successfully; it relies on more than just deploying the latest EdTech. Schools, colleges and MATs need networks that have anticipatory capacity and performance for tomorrow’s EdTech.

These future-focused networks don’t just need to offer the highest levels of bandwidth and security, they also need to streamline monitoring and management to avoid IT teams growing at the same rate as networks themselves.

Next-gen, cloud-based networks mean school IT teams can benefit from features that save time and resources, including automated network management, zero touch provisioning, and total network visibility in a single pane of glass.
Redway Networks are independent networking and wireless specialists to schools colleges and MATs, offering WiFi, switching, security and network support services that are tailored to future-proofing educational organisations.

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