£18m school opens its doors after successful lobbying of parliament

£18m school opens its doors after successful lobbying of parliament

When the roof collapsed just days after a condition survey carried out by the Department for Education concluded the building was in A1 condition,

Male teacher waking up after only six hours of sleep

Education Professionals Only Getting Six Hours Of Sleep

Majority of the education professionals are up and planning their day at 6am, with two-thirds only getting six hours of sleep a night before catching up on emails, spending time with loved ones…

Mindfulness training in a classroom

Can mindfulness training help improve mental health in schools?

What is mindfulness?

Is there an activity in your life that you love and find absorbing? Do you ever notice moments of contentment and wellbeing? These experiences give us…

Family holding hands - mindfulness in schools

Mindfulness in Schools

Since 1967, the average age of onset of major depression has slipped down from 31-33 to 13-15 years of age, starting now as young as 4 years old (N=4041; Zisook, 2007, American Journal of…

Mengage - practical work class

Mengage: practical work with boys and men on health concerns

Mengage is a not-for-profit company working with males on their health and the issues that affect their health. The services we provide include direct work with males, accredited male health…

Students on Omaha Beach with Travelbound 

Engage students through tailored outdoor experiences with Travelbound 

You know how important time in school is for your students, but have you ever considered how you can make an even greater impact beyond the school walls?
Providing your students with varied…

The School Breathe Online Programme

The School Breathe Online Programme

The School Breathe online programme provides over 40 breathwork and mindfulness techniques, in video and audio format, to help children…

Happy Confident Kids staff at New Wellbeing Workshops

Pupils Get Mental-Health Boost Thanks To New Wellbeing Workshops

SCHOOL-AGE children in England are benefiting from a mental-health boost thanks to a new initiate delivering confidence and wellbeing workshops into schools.
Tackling the rise in anxiety…

KidSafe UK Logo

KidSafe UK Children’s Mental Health & Safeguarding Programmes

KidSafe UK provides Primary, Specialist and Nursery schools with a robust, structured programme of works to safeguard children and promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.  Using…

Safety first written in yellow on road

The education of road safety in schools

In 2018 14,254 children were involved in road traffic accidents, a shocking 58% of road fatalities occurred to pedestrians under the age of 15.[i]

Children are exposed to the dangers of…

Two boys in blue jumpers using Power Maths mastery resource

Power Maths - The Pearson's maths mastery resource

Power Maths Key Stage 1 and 2, the whole-class maths mastery programme from leading learning company Pearson, are both on the list of DfE expert panel recommended textbooks supporting teaching…

Century Tech online platform

The award winning teaching and learning platform - CENTURY Tech

CENTURY Tech, a UK based education technology platform, tackles some of the biggest pain points in education by combining artificially intelligent technology, big data and cognitive neuroscience…

Pupils taking part in mental health workshop

The importance of workshops in the school environment

Workshops are extremely important in a school environment to promote pupils’ wellbeing and increase awareness of topics. 

Here, Richard Fitzgerald, the head teacher at Langdon Park School…

schools with pets - chickens at ACS school

Schools with pets boost child mental health

From rabbits and guinea pigs to goats and chickens, schools with pets are providing a multitude of benefits for pupils across the UK – and we don’t just mean free eggs.

Science topics on…

Teacher using My Magical Garden to teach her young students

My Magical Garden - Holistic Healing 4 Children

My Magical Garden is the basis of a technique that provides support and relief for children with anxiety, grief and challenging behaviour.  It works in two ways; firstly, as a…

GitHub's Developer Pack for future software developers

Shaping the next generation of software developers

There are over 300,000 software developers working in the UK alone, and according to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that software developer jobs will increase by 30 percent between…

virtual learning environment

How a virtual learning environment can transform higher education

Greg Crichton, Head of Information Services at Oxford Brookes University, discusses the university’s IT strategy, and how its agile virtual learning…

The Unravel team sat around table with cake

Unravel - A holistic psychology service which supports pupils, school and families

Andrea Chatten is the Managing Director & Lead Children's Emotional & Behavioural Psychologist at Unravel. She is also the author of The…

David Mason of Viscount Classical Organs with students - Investing in our future musicians

Investing in our future musicians

Through sponsorship and involvement in forward thinking programmes for young organists, we help to provide access to music and musical development to schools and ecclesiastic communities.