Iain Stewart encouraging teachers to engage with youngsters with storytelling about the natural world

Storytelling is key to engaging youngsters in the natural world

Geology “rock star” and TV presenter professor Iain Stewart is urging teachers across the nation to become storytellers in a bid to engage more young people in the natural world.
The BBC…

Stuart in Australia to ease the school staff shortages in London

London schools recruit 10 teachers from Australia amid school staff shortages

QA Education caught up with Stuart McLaughlin, Principal, Bower Park Academy after his trip to Australia where he interviewed teachers there in a bid to ease school staff shortages back in London…

Child relaxing after mental health service - TPC Therapy

The mental health service that is inspiring change in schools

Increasing numbers of children are struggling with childhood trauma and ACES ( Adverse Childhood Experience’s) such as being in care or experiencing domestic violence, loss and abuse. These…

iSpace wellbeing training

iSpace Wellbeing

iSpace is the Wellbeing Curriculum for schools, developed by its founder and creator, Paula Talman. It is designed to give children the tools to develop their whole selves, providing a whole-…

School choir at WellChild Awards

Singing competition will see one lucky school perform at the WellChild Awards

School singing competition will see one lucky school perform for the stars at the WellChild Awards. 

An exciting singing competition is now open to choose pupils from one lucky primary…

Taste Life logo - Understanding Eating Disorders

Understanding Eating Disorders

tastelife Youth Track: Understanding Eating Disorders

A robust, sensitive, high-quality resource for use in…

Firefly Yoga

Firefly Yoga Wales

We provide workshops that train teachers, TAs, playworkers etc to run our signature '15 minutes to happy, healthy kids' program. This simple yet effective yoga and well-being program. can be…

St. Cassian’s Centre - To Touch the Hearts of Those Entrusted to Our Care

To Touch the Hearts of Those Entrusted to Our Care

St. Cassian’s Centre, Kintbury, West Berkshire, lies within the North Wessex Downs – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It…

Mental Health First Aid Training Class in Wales

Mental Health First Aid in Wales

As License Holders of Mental Health First Aid in Wales our mission is to provide high quality evidence-based mental health information, training, education and services that are accessible and…

Sad boy on phone - mental health issues

How to tackle anxiety and mental health in school

What can schools do about the increasing issue of anxiety and other mental health issues that many children are now suffering from? This is an important question for all schools and…

Happiest days of their lives?  

Happiest days of their lives?  

The Schools Health Education Unit, based in Exeter since 1977, has just released a major report about the emotional health and wellbeing of young people.  

Headline Findings…

Fire extinguishers

Tackling fires and the cost of extinguishers in educational premises

A fire within an educational building can cause devastation, let alone put young lives at risk. With a 1 in 20 chance of a fire breaking out in your premises there is good reason to ensure that…

Speaker at Fortis Therapy educating children

Educating the ‘whole child’

"It is clear that we have reached the limits of using data alone as a proxy for educational quality.” 
Amanda Spielman, HM Chief Inspector of Education, Children’s Services and Skills writes…

Karl Templeman on Embracing the International Primary Curriculum

Embracing the International Primary Curriculum

Karl Templeman, Headteacher at Somerset Progressive School, discusses with QA Education the benefits that the International Primary Curriculum can deliver for teachers looking to increase…

Children participating in Story Massage Programme

Story Massage Programme promotes positive mental health

Many schools across the UK are using the Story Massage Programme as an integral part of promoting positive mental health. Key benefits include helping pupils to express challenging feelings, to…

Front of house at Longtown Outdoor Adventure

Unplug for an Outdoor Adventure at Longtown in Herefordshire 

Spending time outdoors in the natural world and providing children with the opportunity to ‘unplug’ has never been as important as it is now.  Connecting with the world around us and a break from…

Stem4 app for tackling self-harm effectively in schools

Tackling self-harm effectively in schools

Self-harm is when someone hurts themselves usually to deal with difficult emotions. In most cases there is no suicidal intention, but this does not mean there is no risk, especially with 1 in 12…

Little girl practising mindfulness at simply mindfulness

Simply Mindfulness Norwich

Simply Mindfulness is a group of primary and secondary school teachers and occupational therapists in Norfolk, qualified to teach mindfulness in schools.  We offer the Mindfulness in Schools…

NSSport - young team with award

NSSport - a passion for health and fitness

NSSport is a company that works towards developing school sports to ensure that children have positive experiences, pursue interests and develop a passion for health and fitness. 
We are…

Pupils highfiving positive mental health

Champion positive mental health for your staff and pupils

Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Ltd is a company committed to reducing mental health stigma, improving knowledge and helping communities to feel able to support themselves to keep well and…