Fiona Goddard talks about assessment

What Role Can Technology Play in Assessment?

With the cancellation of exams in the summer, the subject of assessment has been brought to the fore.  The short-term exam preparation phenomenon of ‘teaching to the test’ will have temporarily…


Carbon Dioxide Monitors for Schools – Room for Improvement

A thought piece from Ralph Izod, Managing Director, Envelo Solutions

With news that ‘Classrooms in England are to be supplied with CO2 monitors when state schools and…

Karl Deady of Cinos, Improving the learning experience through AV & IT

Improving the learning experience through AV & IT

Karl Deady, Executive Director at Cinos talks about the role of AV & IT across the higher education space and the steps that organisations…


Employability hit hardest by lockdown according to UK students

More than half (54%) of UK pupils aged 16-18 believe the COVID-19 pandemic caused greater disruption to their employable skills-based learning - such as data analysis and communication skills -…

Junaid Mubeen

Blended Learning must be part of education’s ‘new normal’

By Dr Junaid Mubeen, Director of Education, Whizz Education


In brief

  • Blended learning is back, but faces a backlash for fear that online learning is diluting…
Fiona Miller

Fiona Miller - Director of People Programmes at IGD

“With 18-24 year olds disproportionately affected by the economic impact of COVID-19, it is more vital than ever that businesses work in partnership with education and government to support the…

Deirdre Black - Educators to receive greater recognition

Educators to receive greater recognition in historic chemistry prizes overhaul.

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has more than doubled the number of prizes open to educators, as part of a major overhaul of its established recognition structures to be fairer, more…


Smartick - maths initiative to create equal opportunities for children in need

AN innovative maths program has launched a new charity initiative to help children in need advance in their maths education.
For every subscription of Smartick taken out, the…

antimicrobial spray

World’s first household antimicrobial spray that kills COVID-19 even after six weeks launches in UK

A biotech cleaning company has released a household version of its antimicrobial treatment, which kills and provides continuous protection against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pathogens on surfaces for…

Dollar Academy

Dollar Academy becomes the first independent school in the UK to receive Food for Life Green Kitchen Standard Award

Leading independent school Dollar Academy has become the first in the UK to be awarded the Food for Life Green Kitchen Standard Award, in recognition of their extensive sustainability practices.…

chores for girls

More chores for girls in the UK means less time to schoolwork

Covid-19 is having a disproportionate impact on girls in Britain, with many taking on additional household chores such as cooking and cleaning, leaving them less time to do their schoolwork,…

Anti-Hate Challenge

Stronger Than Hate: Anti-Hate Challenge for UK Secondary Schools

A powerful challenge which empowers children to tackle hate within their communities and take action for a better future is being launched to UK secondary schools. 
Created by…

Poor Quality Internet Connection

One-in-Four Parents Say Poor Quality Internet Connection Negatively Impacts School Pupils’ Education

New data from YouGov Research, commissioned by Huawei UK, reveals millions of children across the UK are being held back in the virtual classroom, exposing a nationwide digital divide felt by…

Home-schooling appreciation for teachers

Home-schooling leads to a new found appreciation for teachers

  • 5% of parents now considering a career in education
  • Suggested areas of improvement for streamlining home-schooling by parents revealed

After taking on part of the…

Children’s Mental Health Week

Children’s Mental Health Week (February 1-7) An activity for every day

With children and young people’s mental health so badly effected by lockdown and prolonged absence from school, this year’s…

Tony Sullivan NHS Deep Cleaning

Teacher training with a twist: How the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service is protecting staff and students during lockdown

The NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service is joining forces with schools across the UK to help protect staff, students and parents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than 30…

glue sustainably

Nation’s children can glue sustainably, says Pritt stick owner, Henkel

Consumer goods company, Henkel, has relaunched its famous Pritt stick, bringing some good news during lockdown for climate-conscious children, teachers and crafters. The new generation of Pritt…

Virtual Education

Teacher Co-op Confronts Inequality in Virtual Education

A new virtual learning platform, owned by freelance teachers, confronts inequality, and discrimination in virtual education by forming an international teacher cooperative.

Poised to open…

education studies

Teachers could be over or underestimating the effectiveness of education studies because of how they are presented

The way that some education studies are presented could give teachers unrealistic expectations about what they might be able to achieve in the classroom, according to new research.

iPad parental donation scheme

School’s results soar after iPad parental donation scheme

Since Apple Authorised Education Specialist Jigsaw24 helped them launch a parent-driven 1:1 iPad scheme, Stephenson Memorial Primary School have posted some of their best-ever results, with their…