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Forest school outdoor learning

The Hideout House Company have created a new range of outdoor classrooms and shelters to complement the forest school revolution

As the Forest Schools programme spreads to more and more UK schools and is becoming ever more popular within both rural and urban educational environments, the Hideout House Company is now offering a creative and comprehensive range of products which complement this theme. The principal theme or philosophy being to encourage and inspire individuals of any age range through an innovative and long term approach to outdoor learning in a woodland or outside environment.

These products range from making dens from a living wall tipi where you can grow climbing planters up the side, building fire-pits, "pods" to be used for both teaching and shelter, eco outdoor classroom buildings with renewable energy and water harvesting systems, fire pit shelters with a hole in the roof to allow for smoke ventilation, pop-up tents (which can be personalised with on canvas printing) and dipping bug zone ponds.Image removed.

A new entry to the range is a nature watch hut or hide. The nature watch hut allows children to get up close and personal with nature and wildlife and to observe it at first hand without causing a major disturbance. By doing this, they then form an appreciation of nature and an understanding of what we need to do to protect it for now and future generations.

The children can also use the RSPB activity pack and we also supply bird boxes and a feeding station to ensure that the children see plenty of activity. The nature watch hut gives children plenty of opportunity to learn about animals, conservation and growing things whilst also being a part of it in a tranquil environment.

We appreciate that every Forest Schools setting is unique and that a school needs a design plan to meet the needs of the group and to fit the environment that they have to work in.

For more information, please contact Simon Fearnehough on 01865 858982 or e-mail: simon@hideouthouse.com

Web address: http://www.hideouthouse.com/school-playground-products/forest-schools-2/