Parents fear their child will be at a disadvantage if they don’t use technology at home

  • 74% believe tech has improved their children’s problem solving skills
  • 67% believe tech has improved their children’s writing skills

More than half (54%) of parents are worried that their child will start school behind their peers if they don’t have any interaction with technology at home, according to a new report.

Indeed, the majority of parents (91%) believe it is important for children to be familiar with current technology and software, and that it will be beneficial as they get older.

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The Grumpface

Modern day Australian fairytale lands in UK


As teachers across the UK prepare to start a new academic year, a modern-day fairytale from a land far away is ready and waiting to take your students on an exciting adventure they will treasure for years to come.
The protagonist is a clumsy young inventor on a quest for true love, and the challenges he must face to find it. But it is also a tale of bravery, absurdity and happiness, and the power of these qualities over negativity and sheer grumpiness.

Exam results helpline is back for August 2017


Careers advice service on hand to help stressed-out students take the next step.

Students waiting for exam results this summer are being reminded that the Exam Results Helpline, which has been a lifeline for worried young people and their families for nearly three decades, will be operational again for 2017.

The 40-strong team of career advice experts provide free, specialised information, help and guidance to students who have higher or lower exam results than expected.

The helpline number 0808 100 8000 opens in Scotland first on August 8, when Higher, Advanced Higher, National and Scottish Baccalaureate results are announced and closes North of the Border on August 16. 

Nottingham school wins custom wall graphic from MX Display


A Nottingham school has been presented with a custom-made wall graphic containing its motto of ‘Enjoy, Achieve, Excel’.

Large-format graphic and signage specialist MX Display's learning space team created and installed the mural at Whitegate School, in Clifton, which won a competition that aimed to raise awareness of the importance of good design and layout in schools.

The Derby-based firm ran the campaign to make schools aware of the benefits of creating a positive working environment. Figures show that school design and layout, if done well, can boost pupils’ performance by 25%.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach invites visitors to break a new world record


Blackpool Pleasure Beach is challenging guests to set a new world record at this year’s Guinness World Record Summertime Games.

Park-goers are being invited to break seven world records across four days from 25 – 28 July. Records to beat, which will be adjudicated by an official Guinness World Record representative, include the most sand moved with a teaspoon in 30 seconds, the fastest time to pack a suitcase with 20 items and the most wet sponges thrown in the face in 30 seconds.

Successful participants will walk away with an official title and will join Guinness’ famous book of world records.

D2L’s Brightspace Summer17 gives instructors more time to reach every learner     


Upgrades to Brightspace Platform Will Improve Efficiency So Instructors Can Focus on Teaching and Learning

LONDON—July 21st, 2017—D2L, a global learning technology leader, has unveiled the Summer17 release of Brightspace, its award-winning learning management system (LMS). With the Summer17 enhancements, instructors save time on common tasks to enable them to reach every learner.

Why technology is the key to unlocking the classroom’s potential – and the blackboard has finally bitten the dust

It’s very hard to imagine a world without technology. It impacts every aspect of our daily lives. From ensuring quick and easy communication across the globe to giving us access to almost limitless amounts of information at our fingertips – technology is fundamental to how we interact, connect, and learn.

What’s more, we now have a generation who have grown up with technology, that doesn’t know a world without wi-fi, iPhones and Skype. Children learn how to use a smartphone and tablet before their times tables or even how to write their own name. Across all age groups, they are by far the most engaged with tech.

How teachers can make time

teacher working with laptop

Teaching is a demanding job. The work doesn’t stop at home-time, but often continues into your precious evenings. Ultimately, you need more hours in the day. Seeing as that isn’t possible, teachers must instead make the most of the time they have; whilst still squeezing in a social life.

The first and arguably most important piece of advice is that to-do lists are your best friend.By taking five minutes to make note of the days tasks and ranking them by importance, you can figure out exactly what it is you have to do and prioritise the essential tasks. 

Tips for Creating Inspirational Classroom Displays

colouring pensclassroom

While schoolchildren across the country are getting more and more excited about breaking up for the summer holidays, teachers are already planning for the beginning of the next academic year. An important part of this preparation, especially for the earlier age groups, is preparing classroom displays.


A good display not only engages and informs, it also brightens up the atmosphere of the classroom - a plain, drab classroom is uninviting and may affect concentration. A classroom display should not only create an engaging learning and working environment for the students, but should also reflect your personality and style of teaching.


What is the CAA? A UK first that parents need to know about


Children’s activities are a valued and much loved feature in the weekly routine for many families countrywide and when attending a structured activity, class or club it is only natural for parents to assume that the organisor is regulated.  But this is not always the case. In fact it is shocking to learn that up until 2 years ago there was no code of practice or even any guidelines in place to monitor standards in the children’s activities sector or to help parents make informed choices regarding the wealth of providers out there.

The hard-hitting result of the 2017 teaching crisis

Naimish Gohil - CEO & Founder, Satchel


It’s long been known that teachers are overworked and the burden of admin and excessive workload is impactful to their lives, both mentally and physically. A recent headline in the Metro newspaper, which read ‘Teachers lose a day’s pay to do homework’ has once again, brought the severity of the teaching crisis to our attention.

Respect, inclusivity and acceptance starts in education

By John Aguilar, Principal of Padworth College

The UK is very fortunate because, as a nation, we are brimming with diversity and culture.  The influence of these diverse nationalities has made the UK a hub of culture and urbanity. Could anyone imagine London’s atmosphere were it not buzzing with different languages, the smells of different foods or the stories of those who have come to live here?

With Brexit on the horizon, we want to do all we can to ensure this wonderful and diverse culture that we are privileged to have continues to thrive. This means making sure that everybody in our society feels respected, accepted and included.