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Based in the heart of Pembrokeshire, it’s an outdoor pursuits paradise!

Exciting outdoor pursuits have been organised at Sealyham Activity Centre since 1986 and offer exhilarating and stimulating experiences for children and adults alike. Our team of qualified and experienced instructors will work with individuals or small groups to guarantee full personal attention.

We have set ourselves high standards of outdoor objectives that we strive to meet with all individuals and groups.

Outdoor Education is concerned with the personal, social and academic development of young people via the acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes, concepts and values.

In the area of personal development Outdoor Education should:

Enable pupils to develop self-confidence, self-reliance, self-control and self- sufficiency.Sealyham Activity Centre - beach outdoor pursuits

Foster the development of physical skills and of physical resilience.

Encourage pupils to exercise initiative and judgement in unfamiliar and challenging situations.
Allow pupils to develop an awareness and respect for potential dangers in the natural environment and to act appropriately.

Encourage pupils to assess their own capabilities, strengths and limitations and to appreciate those of others.

Broaden the range of pupil’s experiences and to develop their ability to work as a member of a team.

Encourage pupils to develop planning and organisational skills and provide opportunities for pupils to exercise leadership abilities.

Provide opportunities for pupils to experience success.

In the area of social development Outdoor Education should:

Encourage pupils to communicate and co-operate effectively and to participate in learning as members of a group.

Sealyham Activity Centre - woodlands outdoor pursuitsEnhance the quality of relationships between pupils, and between staff and pupils.

Encourage pupils to share decision making and a sense of collective responsibility for their actions and behaviour.

Encourage pupils to have due regard for the feelings, welfare and safety of fellow pupils.

Develop an awareness of the need to act with due regard for the interests of other users and of local residents in areas where activities are undertaken.

Encourage pupils to be aware of the need for care, conservation and management of the environment.

Here, at Sealyham Activity Centre we strive to meet these objectives with all!