50% Less Sugar Hot Chocolate Drinks

DELICIOUS Hot Chocolate– with 50% Less Sugar –  with hot chocolate drinks being the most popular hot drink between 11 to 18 year olds, and with ever increasing levels of obesity in our society – the compact table top hot chocolate dispensers have been designed especially for schools to offer  50% less sugar hot chocolate drinks. There are two models available – just hot chocolate on its own, or with fat free skimmed milk for added Choco-latte, this offers a healthier option than all the leading brands of hot chocolate.A new school to introduce our 50% Less Sugar hot chocolate drink for the start of this term is the Tile Academy, Birmingham. They have already used 5 cases in just a week, and just ordered another 6 cases urgently, with 340 drinks per case our reduced sugar hot chocolate is proving a huge success and very popular with students.

OBESITY– has been much publicised across the Media and many voices within the NHS over the increasing costs year on year in treating obesity and rising and concerning levels of diabetes in our children. By switching your hot chocolate to a 50% less sugar chocolate will contribute and assist your school in tackling rising levels of obesity.

ARE YOU A FAIRTRADE SCHOOL? - Fairtrade Vending offer a wide range of vending and beverage equipment solutions for schools, from table-top Fairtrade Vending Hot Chocolate DrinksBean to cup hot drinks systems to Cold Drinks and Snack Vendors, Fresh Food and free-standing hot drinks machines which can operate with cash or cashless payment systems. All our coffees – Beans Fresh Ground and instant, fresh leaf tea and T bags and hot chocolate are Fairtrade Certified and our 50% Less Sugar chocolate is ethically sourced.

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