Energy saving tips for schools with ESS Utility

Take charge of your own budget!

The education sector has been no stranger to a budget cut or two over the years, and it has had a large impact on the functionality of our schools. Amongst all the uncertainty that surrounds the distribution of political pocket money, one thing we can be certain about is that looking after your energy consumption will always provide you with financial wiggle room. So, whether government cuts squeeze your school’s finances or whether they live up to the promised cash injections, take matters into your own hands by making your own savings. Here’s how:

To begin: get the best energy rates

Before we even get into reducing consumption, it makes sense to ensure that you are on the cheapest rates in order to make maximum savings. Assuming you have more pressing tasks than keeping an eye on how Brexit uncertainty and trade wars are affecting crude oil prices, energy consultancies like ESS Utility can do this for you. We offer a procurement service to get you a deal that is both cost effective and most suitable to your circumstances.

Bill validation and cost analysis

You may think the margins for error are slim when it comes to discrepancies in your energy bills. However, ESS have recorded that nearly 20% of all energy bills contain at least one mistake, and if you consider the size of your site and the number of invoices you receive, this can become very costlyA headteacher working out how he can save energy in his school over time.


Given that lighting can make up to 40% of a school’s electricity bill, switching to a more efficient method, such as LED is a good investment for long term savings. LED lights retain up to 80% of their efficiency even after eight years, so they save energy, money and hassle. 

Go green

Solar panels are a good way of reducing your reliance on the grid and therefore reducing bills and cutting carbon. ESS can do the installations for you, and can even do it without any upfront costs, which is usually the only downside to taking the leap into green energy.

If you want to make savings and transfer the burden of energy management to an experienced team of professionals, get in touch to see how ESS Utility can help you:

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