Aquaswitch helps schools save on their business water rates

The public accounts committee has recently warned that one in four secondary schools are in deficit and having to work through budget cuts.  According to parliament’s spending watchdog, children’s education is being eroded by the financial pressure, with authority-run secondary schools among the worst hit.

Schools on the lookout for pain-free ways of reducing overheads have found significant savings by switching water suppliersaquaswitch logo

Can schools switch their water supplier?

Yes, in 2017, the English non-household water market for water was deregulated, allowing schools to choose who supplies them with water services.

Unlike other utilities such as electricity and gas, most schools have never considered comparing or switching water tariffs.

The deregulated market for water has reached its fifth birthday, and the available savings in the market are now significant.

How much could my school save?

Comparing water quotes is a simple process with AquaSwitch.  Search for your school on our smart-postcode finder to request a business water comparison report.

The AquaSwitch business water comparison service will compare your current default tariff to options available from across the market. With the AquaSwitch hassle-free switch, we’ve helped schools save thousands on their water bills.

AquaSwitch also offers you the chance to compare business energy and save on your energy bills.