A boy being restrained by the arm

Scottish government proposes reduced use of restraint in schools

The Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s public consultation on draft guidance on the use of restraint in schools,…

School pupils sitting at computers

The 'Netflix' of education software launched by The Access Group

One of the UK’s leading education software providers, The Access Group has…

A teenage girl doing revision in front of a pile of books

The headteacher urging kids to ditch the revision this bank holiday weekend

"Put down the revision and enjoy the jubilee."

That's the message from one headteacher who believes there is much to be gained by enjoying the festivities despite the…

A display of moon rocks and meteorites

West Yorkshire primary school “Borrows the Moon” to inspire children in Science

Meteorites have landed at Birstall Primary Academy in West Yorkshire.
Students at the school near Leeds have had the opportunity to get their hands on rare…

A stressed out woman sitting at a desk, rubbing her eyes

Half of UK teachers have experienced harassment by students online

Half of teachers (49%) have been the target of inappropriate use of online devices and social media by students, according to new survey conducted by classroom management and…


Reading Plus image of children in a classroom reading on tablet computers

How educational technology can transform reading for pleasure

Reading for pleasure has many benefits to a child’s education, but how has educational technology transformed how we approach it? Reading development consultant and former Deputy Headteacher and Director of English, Ian Turner, discusses. Why…

Children at a Wizard Theatre workshop

Wizard Theatre at the forefront of educational theatre and drama

Wizard Theatre has been at the forefront of educational theatre and drama for over twenty years, working in schools across England.  The Power of Drama One their most significant achievements in recent years has been to introduce the Power of…

Go Sketch Club art teacher Emma

Go Sketch art teacher asks 'Is talent a myth?'

Emma Shannon from Go Sketch Club teaches art to children and adults and aims to develop young artists into self confident, imaginative and creative thinking adults of tomorrow.  In this guest blog she explores the notion of talent and why many…

Boys doing a drama class

Arts On The Move loves making a drama out of practically anything

Why Drama?
 A recent article in the Guardian newspaper supported the brilliant actor, Mark Rylance, in his assertion that there needs to be better drama and theatre provision in state schools. Timetables don’t always allow for discrete drama…

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