Encouraging curiosity, developing potential

School children

Recently, six primary schools from across the country gathered at Ironmonger’s Hall in London for the MakeBelieve Arts’ Curiosity Conference 2017. Now in its third year, this one-of-a-kind event is shaped by the pupils’ imaginations. The conference is specifically geared towards giving children a platform to imagine, entertain and articulate their own musings and unanswerable questions, with pupils from other schools, taking it in turns to deliver keynote speeches. 


The Role of Technology In Engagement, Memory Retention & Exam Success

Memory Retention

Exam results are just as important for teachers as they are for students. 


An educator's ability to help their pupils pass an exam is often — though not always — a reflection of their capabilities in the role. Undertaken a few years ago, a survey of 400 teachers found that 83% experience stress related to the exam period. It isn’t just a presumption that educators are affected by this time of year, then. The figures back it up.


Innovations in educational security

Innovations in educational security

By Trigion Security Services

Electronic solutions have been part of security for many years, with the use of gate security in educational settings, in particular, commonplace in the battle to keep people and property safe. Security threats constantly evolve and so do the solutions available to tackle issues.  There are now cost-effective electronic solutions that cover almost every eventuality, explains Neil Ricketts, technical services director at Trigion Security Services.

Tackling the taboo of emergency situations with children

The dagar squad

How do you prepare children for emergency situations? It’s a difficult subject to broach but a brand new national programme for school children is tackling the issue head on - helping to increase emergency understanding, awareness, preparedness and response in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

Using six characters and their sniffer dog, each with a different personality, The Danger Squad offers a series of classroom-based learning tools and visual aids which highlight potential dangers and emergency situations for KS1 learners, aged five to seven. 

From car accidents and house fires, to finding weapons, the programme is based on real life experiences – and is designed to teach children to correctly respond to emergency situations, not shy away from the subject.

Teaching the teachers – BNF launches new nutrition platform

Professor Ashley Adamson, University of Newcastle

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has launched a new professional development platform for primary school teachers, in response to the results of research which shows that many teachers are getting little training in the area of nutrition; yet poor nutrition and an unhealthy lifestyle is detrimental to health and academic performance.  Launched at a London conference for health professionals and educators to mark its 50th anniversary, the BNF hopes that the online training will provide much needed additional education for teachers.  

Professor John Reilly, University of Strathclyde

4 million motivated Brits get set for Healthy Eating Week 2017

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Week is back, and it is bigger than ever. More than 7,900 nurseries and schools have already registered to take part, representing over 3.7 million children. Organised by the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), the fifth annual Healthy Eating Week will take place from 12 – 16 June 2017.

More than 3.7 million children are registered to participate in Healthy Eating Week 2017

In addition to the schools and nurseries registered for the event, this is the first year that universities and colleges have been invited to get involved. Over 110 universities and colleges and over 140 workplaces will be participating from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – involving 484,186 adults in the activities.


Research reveals 85% of teachers think the school environment affects learning and behaviour

- Dulux Smarter Spaces study shows two thirds lack funding to make basic improvements

- North-south divide shows lower funding satisfaction rate in the south

- Initiative champions powerful effect of colour and design in the school environment

A study into the state of the nation’s schools has revealed that an overwhelming majority of teachers and head teachers consider the school environment to affect pupils’ academic life. Nearly 40% said a neglected environment such as a classroom affected learning, with 28% claiming it can have a negative effect on behaviour and a fifth (20%) believing attendance is affected, according to the study, carried out to mark the launch of the Dulux Smarter Spaces 2017 initiative.

Jamf Provides “Safe Passage” for Schools and Organisations Considering New Mobile Device Management Solution

Expanded Product Portfolio, Migration Services, Education, Incentives and Partnerships Designed to Help Customers Make the Best Long-Term Decision


Jamf today announced a “safe passage” programme for schools and organisations considering migrating to Jamf, the leader in Apple management. Trusted by over 10,000 organisations, including 4,000 K-12 schools, 1,000 universities and over 5,000 businesses, Jamf is a clear, stable and trusted path for customers considering a new mobile device management (MDM) solution.


EducationCity’s PlayLive Challenge 2017

Play Live Maths

EducationCity, the award-winning online teaching, learning and assessment resource, will be running a PlayLive Maths and English competition as part of its annual Challenge Week (18th-24thJune), which last year saw over 18,500 students get involved!

The competition will be open to all schools who play on any level of PlayLive Maths and English during that week, and new users are welcome to participate. If your school isn’t already a subscriber of EducationCity, you simply need to take one of our 21-day trials to span the PlayLive Challenge Week. Simply playing a game of PlayLive at a given academic level enters you into the competition at that level.

Over 25,000 UK pupils share a pencil to help 124 million children not in school

St Cuthberts

The first ever Share a Pencil Day takes place today, 17th May 2017 when 25,000 pupils in a range of schools up and down the country are being asked to share a pencil for a single lesson, an afternoon or the whole day to experience what learning is really like for many children across the globe. 

The event is giving pupils the opportunity to learn about the issues faced by many children around the world trying to access an education while living in zones affected by conflict, natural disasters or extreme poverty, and who lack the basic tools and teachers they need to learn.

Holding open school fire doors with Agrippa

fire doors with Agrippa

A school in Kent has installed Agrippa fire door holders to protect teachers and pupils in the event of a fire. 

When the school’s existing sound activated door retainers were becoming damaged by pupils, the Weald of Kent Grammar School decided to replace all of the units with the Agrippa door holders.

Completely wire-free, the holders can be installed in just ten minutes and are supplied with two C cell batteries. The Agrippa holders are also fitted to the top of the door to prevent damage to the door and floor. Accepted by the UK fire brigade, the Agrippa fire door holders are the perfect solution to holding open fire doors, whilst ensuring they are closed automatically in the event of a fire. 

Freshly Squeezed Refrigeration for School Kitchens

On stand M26 at this year’s LACA Main Event representatives from Williams Refrigeration will be on hand to advise school caterers about how to get the best from their refrigeration and their kitchen space. 

School kitchens are notoriously tight on space and as pupil numbers increase there is the added issue of an increased demand for school meals. This calls for kitchen equipment that is compact in size but big in performance.

Primary school teachers: long hours, regular sacrifices and under pressure to work when ill, but 90% say they are fulfilled


• In the last 12 months, 51% of primary school teachers considered quitting their jobs

• More than half of PSTs regularly have to sacrifice family or social commitments

• Nearly three quarters (72%) of PSTs feel under pressure to work when unwell

• Despite this, 9 in 10 PSTs get fulfilment from the work they do

Three quarters (76%) of primary school teachers (PSTs) say they work beyond their agreed hours, according to the results of a new survey of 1,500 teachers by Randstad Education, part of the global recruitment consultancy, Randstad.

Lighting design for schools to promote wellbeing and energy efficiency


When designing the lighting for a school there are many factors that need to be considered. Beyond the primary objective of illumination, making the right lighting choices can help promote happiness amongst staff and students, improve productivity, and significantly reduce a school’s carbon footprint, whilst simultaneously cutting long-term energy costs. Take a look below as we explore each of these areas on a bit more detail…


Health and wellbeing