New school building for High Tunstall College of Science - head Mark and pupils outside the school

The head who lobbied for £18.4m to build a new school

When the roof collapsed just days after a condition survey carried out by the Department for Education concluded the building was in A1 condition, High Tunstall College of…

Climate change information board by a pupil

Plastic Pioneers drive climate change campaign in schools

Thousands of primary and secondary school pupils have joined a major new campaign to drastically cut the consumption of single-use plastic in UK schools in a bid to help stop…

Smiling teacher in education role

More applications to education roles, as job opportunities improve 

Are you looking to ramp up your hiring efforts as Brexit pressure eases? Well, according to the latest job market report from…

Boy and parent partaking in home education

Ofsted finds parents ‘coerced’ into home education

According to a new Ofsted report, students are being pulled out of…

Schools and Academies logo

Empowering the Education Sector - Schools and Academies Show

The education sector remains under pressure and faces both new and long-standing challenges. Funding remains tight, inspection frameworks are changing, rates of disadvantage…

New Defibrillator For Schools

Cardiac Science Launches New Defibrillator For Schools

Cardiac Science Launches New Defibrillator For Schools

Thousands of school children will learn about the role of  a defibrillator in saving lives next…

Teenage money mule accessing their bank account on the computer

Lancashire Police Warns Parents Of Money Mule Scam

Lancashire Police have warned parents about the dangers and consequences of their children becoming money mules. 

Young people are increasingly being targeted to become…

energy efficiency savings in school - electrics fuse boxes

Education's £9.4million energy efficiency boost

New data from EDF Energy has revealed that better energy efficiency could deliver nearly £9.4million in savings per year across 1,792 colleges, school and universities analysed…


Karl Templeman on Embracing the International Primary Curriculum

Embracing the International Primary Curriculum

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ Karl Templeman, Headteacher at Somerset Progressive School, discusses with QA Education the benefits that the International Primary Curriculum can deliver for teachers looking to increase flexibility and deliver more for their…

Children participating in Story Massage Programme

Story Massage Programme promotes positive mental health

Many schools across the UK are using the Story Massage Programme as an integral part of promoting positive mental health. Key benefits include helping pupils to express challenging feelings, to self-regulate their emotions and to build positive…

Front of house at Longtown Outdoor Adventure

Unplug for an Outdoor Adventure at Longtown in Herefordshire 

Spending time outdoors in the natural world and providing children with the opportunity to ‘unplug’ has never been as important as it is now.  Connecting with the world around us and a break from the pressures of everyday life supports our mental…

Stem4 app for tackling self-harm effectively in schools

Tackling self-harm effectively in schools

Self-harm is when someone hurts themselves usually to deal with difficult emotions. In most cases there is no suicidal intention, but this does not mean there is no risk, especially with 1 in 12 young people between 10 and 16 in Britain self-harming…

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