Fibregrid Launches Most Affordable GRP Range Yet

FibreGrid, the leading producer of anti-slip flooring products, launches its most affordable GRP range yet – SlipGrip® Standard. 

With prices starting from as little as £11.40 per stair tread and £38.00 per flat sheet, the new SlipGrip® Standard from FibreGrid won’t be beaten on price. With falls, slips and trips accounting for the majority of employee injuries, a floor covering suitable for a wide variety of applications and traffic flows is crucial for a safe work place, and now the SlipGrip® Standard provides a very affordable solution. Perfect for those with budget limitations, or those just looking for a temporary anti slip solution, the Standard range is not only affordable but maintains the high quality standards of the FibreGrid SlipGrip® range.

BBC micro:bit Now Available for Start of School Term

BBC micro:bit Now Available for Start of School Term

Pocket sized coding device available along with accompanying teaching resources to help teachers deliver innovative lessons. 

Following the announcement in May that the BBC micro:bit was available to pre-order, the pocket sized coding device created by the BBC and 29 partner organisations, is now in stock and available for the public to purchase through selected distributors.

STEM in the ‘real world’

Susannah Chambers,

‘We all have a part to play in tackling the STEM skills shortage’ 

The most recent research for the Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology reported that 42 per cent of employers still have difficulties recruiting staff from science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) backgrounds. Indeed, the STEM skills shortfall is a very real issue, and a cause for concern not only for schools, but also parents, businesses, government and policy-makers.  

Advice and Tips on The Future of Engineering in Education

Doug Anderson, Sales and Marketing Manager of Guttridge, discusses the importance of attracting future engineers, offering a few tips and setting a few industry goals along the way.

The engineering sector is vital for the UK’s economic progression. In the future, engineers will be responsible for producing cutting-edge technology and building structures that will help the UK tackle many renewable energy issues. 

To achieve this, there needs to be as many people entering the industry as possible. Educational organisations must remove any existing preconceptions and make engineering an attractive career path for younger people from all backgrounds.

Stone Group Offers Primary Schools £2500 Worth of IT Support for Free

Stone Group Offers Primary Schools £2500 Worth of IT Support for Free

Stone Group, the provider of ICT solutions and services to education and the public sector, announced it will offer all primary schools in the UK a free 90-day trial of Stone Assist - its modular, flexible IT support solution. 
For 90 days, schools will get access to Stone’s “Essential” base package of remote and additional on-site support, receiving support from a UK-based technical helpdesk as well as a dedicated engineer on site for one day a week, valued at nearly £2500.

Ofsted college reports' analysis reveals QA processes at heart of FE success

Louise Doyle

THE importance of self-assessment and improvement planning at the heart of FE success is recognised in the latest Ofsted college reports, says quality assurance specialists MESMA.

College reports published by the education standards’ watchdog for February to April 2016 reveal almost three quarters (71%) of colleges that achieved a ‘Good’ grade were shown to have good self-assessment and improvement planning in place.

This reflected inclusive practices and improvement plans that led to demonstrably improved provision for learners, says MESMA.

Leaders, managers and staff at achieving colleges were also shown to have a strong understanding of the need to have good processes in place to control and oversee the delivery of quality assurance programmes campus-wide.

Eliminating unnecessary workload around marking – are we doing enough?

Gustaf Nordback

Gustaf Nordbäck, Head of Expansion, DigiExam, shares his thoughts on markingand eliminating unnecessary teacher workload and what we should be doing to help lessen the load.

Marking should serve a single purpose – to advance pupil progress and outcomes; so says the Independent Teacher Workload Review Group in its report Eliminatingunnecessary workload around marking commissioned by the DfE.  And yes I whole heartedly agree – without assessment and marking how is a teacher meant to gauge where students are on their learning journeys and what further help they require to realise their potential?

Children who know by age ten they want to study for a degree ‘twice as likely’ to get into a selective university, UCAS survey finds

The younger that students decide higher education is for them, the more likely they are to go to a ‘higher tariff’ university, according to UCAS’ widest ever student survey.

Being certain about higher education by age 10 or earlier means a child is 2.6 times as likely to end up at a more competitive university than someone who decided in their late teens.  The most advantaged young people are more likely to be focused on university at a young age than their more disadvantaged peers. 

Over 16,000 recent applicants responded to the UCAS survey asking about the motivations and influences behind their university choices, and the factors that deterred them.

Multi-Academy Trusts: What now for quality assurance?

Mesma’s Louise Doyle

While the softened, non-legislative path to drive English schools to become academies within a wider multi-academy trust (MAT) seems an inevitability, let’s remember that it’s also a path that remains at the heart of the Department for Education plans.

For new or potentially expanding MATs, this move has a significant impact on how their senior leaders choose to oversee and monitor quality within each school under their control, says Louise Doyle, a MAT trustee and maintained school governor as well as director of self-assessment and improvement planning resources specialist, MESMA.

A Stockroom Clean-Up Checklist for Retailers

In the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, it can be exceptionally difficult to keep a stockroom clean and organised. The resulting chaos too often takes its toll on productivity and motivation. 

At Action Storage, we’ve almost 30 years’ experience helping retailers craft and reorganise their storage space, so we thought we’d share our checklist for tackling an unruly stockroom:

1. Discard old or obsolete items

The digital age: reshaping the future of reading for kids


Reassuringly, despite what was said a few years ago when children's publishers were beginning nervously to address the prospect of a digital revolution, books have taken on a newfound novelty for young readers, offering a tactile respite from the screens through which many of us now lead our lives. Nevertheless, the advent of digital should be seen as a fantastic opportunity to reach out to both target audiences and reluctant readers who might otherwise slip through the cracks. 

To this end, we're now looking to build a multifaceted multimedia property out of our existing back catalogue and company identity. 

Frogmore Paper Mill School Programmes - Interactive, Fun and Informative

Frogmore Paper Mill School Programmes - Interactive, Fun and Informative

Frogmore Paper Mill offers a range of exciting educational attractions and activities at the site of the worlds first industrial papermaking machine of 1803. It is one of the few working industrial sites open to the public. Watch our working 1902 Fourdrinier machine producing beautiful specialist papers, or our papermaker in action at the hand vat, while you are here.

“a WONDERFUL day we all had and every child came away the richer for sure” – a teacher

Workshop Sessions

We cater for all age groups from Key Stage 1, 2, 3 to 4+ and are able to offer themed sessions linked to school curriculum. Our 2.5 hour programmes are tailored toeither primary or secondary school classes.

Options include: ​

ART: Paper Weaving, 

NetSupport launches new generation of keyword monitoring to safeguard bilingual students

NetSupport is pleased to announce the launch of multiple language packs for the safeguarding keyword and phrase database within its IT asset management solution for schools, NetSupport DNA. This will enable staff in schools with a diverse ethnic mix of students to be able to monitor community languages other than English for safeguarding purposes.

Creating instant understanding without words

“If only I’d known they were having a bad morning ….”

How many people have thought this when trying to provide the support a student needs?

The trouble with having a tough day or feeling fragile is that at the time you most need understanding and support you often feel least able to communicate about it -  whatever the cause. Anxiety, autism, speech or language difficulties, pain and fatigue can all play a part in this, although the range of conditions that this is applicable to is almost limitless.