Brexit and Trump sparks new wave of political teaching

Schools across the UK are taking advantage of a new wave of teaching after two political shocks rocked the world last year.

Brexit and the election of Donald Trump of the United States of America are just two of the astonishing political events that shocked people across the world in 2016, leaving many people feeling misinformed or confused. 

In a bid to clear the muddy waters of politics, independent youth news network Shout Out UK is rolling out a series of educational programmes to encourage a new generation to engage in politics through a number of informative courses. 

The political literacy courses, certified by AQA, began in London but have grown in popularity and are now seeing schools up and down the country signing up to the programme. 

Ennis-Hill and Whitehead launch mascot design competition live on blue peter


• Olympic champion Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill and double Paralympic gold medallist Richard Whitehead MBE are ambassadors and part of the judging panel for entries

• Competition will select two mascots – one for the World Para Athletics Championships and one for the IAAF World Championships London 2017

• Applications close on Friday 10 February with the winner to be announced live on Blue Peter on Thursday 20 April 2017

• For more information about how to enter,


New "Facebook for seven year olds" is launched to boost internet safety

gbubble.gifA new social media platform dubbed "Facebook for seven year olds" has been launched to help protect children when they are online. 

Former police sergeant Henry Platten has designed GoBubble to provide young people with a safe alternative to Facebook following the news that increasing numbers of primary school children are logging on to social media at least once a day. 

Trybooking is great for school events

An online booking system designed for all types of school events and fundraising.  As well as organising bookings for events it has many tools to help schools e.g. data reporting and exporting to more easily manage events holistically.  Here are what some of the many schools using us have to say:

Sedbergh School is using Trybooking to more easily manage bookings, tickets and fundraising across Alumni lunches, dinners, talks, merchandise sales, performances and concerts.  The system is very flexible and empowering and they offer responsive customer service.  Richard Witt and Helen Seabridge, Sedbergh School Foundationtrybooking

Sasha’s lion is judged ‘outstanding’ in national scientific artwork competition

Sasha Morgan

A detailed drawing of a lion on top a lion’s skull by Sasha Morgan, an Art Scholar at St Mary’s School, Colchester, impressed the judges of the Royal Society of Biology’s Nancy Rothwell Award. Sasha’s artwork was described as Outstanding in the judging of the national award, which celebrates specimen drawing in schools and highlights the benefits of combining art and science.

A secondary school chooses a refurbished building from foremans for its 1st sixth form

Portakabin Group



Foremans Relocatable Building Systems, a member of the Portakabin Group and the UK’s largest supplier of refurbished Portakabin buildings, has handed over a purpose-designed sixth form centre at Higham Lane School in Nuneaton, following completion of a £1.6 million contract. 

Parents Take Twice As Long As Their Children To Get Back Into A Routine After School Holidays

kid awake parents not

Parents take four weeks to get back into their weekday routine after a holiday, compared to just two weeks for their children, according to new research. What’s more, 10% of parents confessed to falling asleep at work while getting back into the swing, while just 5% of children had nodded off at school.
Temper tantrums and falling asleep on the desk are just some of the struggles with the return to the everyday routine after the holidays, but it’s not just children who find it hard to adapt. In fact, new research has revealed that parents take twice as long as their kids to get back in the swing of things. 

Schools are making the recruitment crisis worse


• 40% of teachers cited off-putting application processes prevent them applying for jobs

• 50% of teachers reported applications taking far too long to complete

• 34% would prefer to submit a CV

Complicated application forms and arduous recruitment processes are deterring teachers from applying for jobs according to 3,000 teachers surveyed as part of new research published today.

Get it off your chest campaign launched to reduce mental health issues among teachers

David Beckie

A new service is being launched to help reduce stress in schools by allowing teachers to offload their problems to a qualified counsellor.

Called "Get It Off Your Chest" the service encourages teachers to talk to professional counsellors about problems and issues that they may have kept to themselves for many years.

The confidential service is being launched by national counselling service Mind Matters Corporate Counselling in a bid to reduce the number of teachers suffering from mental health issues in the work place.

2 in 3 British Children Use Technology For Their Homework Every Day


New research has revealed that the average British parent will almost £4,000 per child throughout the duration of their primary and junior education ensuring that they have school uniform, packed lunches and more. According to the poll, £802 of the money spent goes on technology, with 1 in 3 children needing it for their homework on a daily basis.

A new study has unveiled that 2 in 3 children use technology every day in order to complete their homework, with technology costing parents £802 throughout the duration of the child’s primary and junior education.

New partnership aims to transform treatment of mental health in schools

Representatives of new partnership: (l-r) -r Nick Mitchell (principal consultant at Leeds Beckett), Dean Johnstone (chief executive of Stronger Minds), Olegs Pushkins (co-founder of Stronger Minds) and Alison Iredale (senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett).

Two industry leaders have joined together in a new partnership to help teachers support students dealing with mental health issues in schools. 

Leeds Beckett University has teamed up with social enterprise Stronger Minds Community Interest Company to raise awareness and give teachers the tools they need to help vulnerable pupils. 

Leeds University Switches on Lumie Lights for Light Cafe #leedslightcafe

 Lumie Lights

Light therapy specialist Lumie is supplying the lights for a light cafe running from today to 19th January at Leeds University Union. Now in its third year, the café provides an alternate revision space which is designed to improve students’ health and wellbeing. The lights will also be used in meditation and yoga workshops that will complement the café experience.  

Minted Box calls for teachers to submit classroom ideas

• Minted Box, the creators of classroom seating plan, MINTclass, is asking teachers to share their challenges, frustrations and ideas for effective school practice 

• Teachers and school staff are able to submit their ideas before, during and after Bett 2017 to be in with a chance of having their concept built by Minted Box

• Schools that have their ideas created can also benefit from earning additional revenue through offering the resource to other schools who could make use of it


Teachers to get hands-on with computing and STEM solutions at Bett 2017

• LEGO Education, supported by Hope Education for primary and JTRS for secondary, will deliver workshops at Bett 2017 that show teachers how hands-on learning using technology and computing can benefit STEM classrooms

• Every teacher who prebooks and attends a workshop will receive a free LEGO® kit and will be entered into a prize draw to win either a full WeDo 2.0 classroom set or a half classroom pack of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 

• From January 10 2017, LEGO Education will also be offering digital content, including software, curriculum material and extension pack downloads as well as eLearning, free of charge

Saving kittens to learn the language of coding!


Unique new game teaches real-life coding and prepares Students for their future


Ever considered there might be a connection between kittens and coding? Of course not, because there wasn’t one…until now! 

Erase All Kittens (E.A.K.) is a revolutionary new web-based platform game designed to prepare children, aged eight to 14, for 21st Century degrees and careers. It teaches students computational thinking and professional coding languages such as HTML, and engages more girls by using a highly gamified, story-driven approach. cave level