Bett, the world’s oldest and largest EdTech exhibition, today announces a collaboration with Learnit, the brand new, venture-backed conference for the global learning ecosystem. This January, a group of Bett’s 35,000+ visitors, 200+ speakers and 850+ exhibitors will also be able to participate in Learnit at the QEII Centre in Westminster as one of its 1,000+ attendees, 150+ speakers, or 50+ sponsors. 

Kitronik launches :GAME ZIP 64 which allows gamers and makers to code their own retro games – including Snake and Pong!
The next generation of teenagers will be able to enjoy the classic computer games of Pong and Snake thanks to a new gaming device produced by Kitronik. Now, students and young at heart adults will not only be able to play them, but code them themselves using the powerful BBC micro:bit.

London Grid for Learning promotes new initiatives;  DigiSafe, CyberProtect, Let’s Get Digital and Bridge of the Divide, as well as new educational content for KS2 history, English and art