How many hours have your staff spent organising events, selling tickets, collecting cash, giving refunds, explaining the details of the events to parents, all during the school’s busiest periods? Trybooking is a service which does all the legwork for staff and can be used from parents’ evening to the Christmas concert – and some of the service is free. Here, managing director Joan Lind answers QA Education’s questions on how it works…

Where did the idea for Trybooking come from?

A theatre group is bringing to life the story of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for GCSE drama students, 200 years after the gothic novel was first published.


Leeds City College is competing in this year’s National Theatre Connections Competition 2016 with a group of Acting students performing an adaptation of Davey Andersons ‘Blackout’. The competition will see schools and colleges around the country battle it out to be crowned the best performers of the crime drama.