Students preparing to move into university accommodation will no doubt worry for their safety – or at least their parents and teachers will – and news circulating the internet has given them good reason to. A video that went viral last year recorded students at Nottingham Trent University chanting racist comments in front of the door of another student in their university accommodation (halls).

Friday 19 May 2017

By Trigion Security Services

Electronic solutions have been part of security for many years, with the use of gate security in educational settings, in particular, commonplace in the battle to keep people and property safe. Security threats constantly evolve and so do the solutions available to tackle issues.  There are now cost-effective electronic solutions that cover almost every eventuality, explains Neil Ricketts, technical services director at Trigion Security Services.


Richard Branson is renowned for offering his employees more flexibility, including the ability to dress down, work from home and take unpaid leave if they wish. However, Virgin Group recently hit the headlines for holding a corporate day where all employees were asked to behave in the way many traditional firms require.