Dave Ayers, Head of School at River Beach Primary in Littlehampton, which is celebrating its best ever SATs results

Schoolsworks has announced its unverified Key Stage 2 SATs results for 2019, which show that the multi-academy trust is having a positive impact on school improvement. For schools which have been in the Trust for more than 3 years this year's combined RWM is 67% against a national average for combined RWM this year of 65%. 


Dan Sullivan, founder of Empiribox – a whole-school solution that makes it easy for primary schools to deliver thought-provoking science in their classrooms – shares his thoughts on why practical science should remain strongly within the primary national curriculum…

During SATs week, GCSEs exam period and Mental Health Awareness Week, we take a look at whether parents could pass a GCSE in science.
Parents often say "exams were harder in my day", but do they really appreciate how hard GCSEs are? And could they do better than their children? When it comes to GCSE science, it looks like the answer is a resounding no! When online learning company Tassomai asked parents to put their science knowledge to the test, they didn’t compare to their children who scored significantly higher marks.

Thursday 14 July 2016


Lorrae Jaderberg former deputy head and founder of education consultancy JK Educate shares her thoughts on this year’s SATs results:

This year is likely to be remembered as a terribly difficult year for the Department for Education when it comes to examinations. Not only did some parents take their children out of school in protest at the reintroduction of examination for seven year olds, the DfE also witnessed the leak of a highly confidential SATs paper the day before examinations were due to take place.