We can’t escape the fact the UK is facing a ticking obesity timebomb with children not getting enough exercise and activity.  MUGAs are a great way to encourage young people to move more without it feeling like a chore

Gone are the days where children just want to play football, rugby, cricket, netball and hockey at school. There is a whole world of different sports available and also an eclectic mix of students that need to feel challenged and stimulated by physical activity and these traditional sports can sometimes dis-engage rather than engage in physical activity.

Friday 05 August 2016

Limited (LWA) writes below, there is a huge amount of responsibility in terms of financial, auditing and reporting issues which many Academies find overwhelming. This is why LWA provides specialist advice to the education sector and have the expertise to help with conversion issues such as:

✓ Selection of an accounting package

✓ Creditor payment processes

✓ Staff training

✓ Payroll services

✓ Valuation of transferred assets

✓ Pension issues

✓ Returns to the Education Funding Agency and Department for Education