School learning tool Firefly analyses homework habits of UK secondary school students - revealing that one million pieces of homework are handed in late every single day
 – School learning tool Firefly reveals that 13 year olds are least likely to submit homework on time. The independent survey of 2,000 secondary school students shows a clear dip in the attitude and proactivity to homework at age 13. After hitting a homework

Traditionally, studying has involved pens, paper and a workbook crammed with revision notes and, to an extent, it still does. This can often be dull, unengaging and ineffective, and as a result, often more procrastination, than studying, occurs. This is the opinion of many emerging edtech leaders, and thus they are targeting the hard-to-reach “digital natives” by using their own language. The face of education is changing – are you, as an educator, ready to adapt to the 21st century studying?