A third of primary school parents say exams are making their children stressed, according to a new study looking into the pressure pupils are put under during their school years.

New research by home education provider Oxford Home Schooling reveals that even primary school children are being strained by the prospect of their academic performance.

A former Number 10 adviser and education chief at the RSA has warned that English schools are being damaged by common practices that are of little value to students.

The Ideal School Exhibition is an essay penned by Julian Astle, which reveals that schools are dicing with students' futures by scrambling to achieve the best league table results. 

Thursday 17 August 2017

Students across the nation are celebrating their success after receiving their A Level results earlier today. 

Year 13 students from one school in Staffordshire were particularly excited, as 70% of students secured A* - B grades. 

Chase Grammar School students arrived at the Cannock-based independent school this morning to receive the outcome of months of hard work spent revising and sitting those all-important examinations.

Wednesday 02 November 2016

With revision timetables shortly to be issued for mock exams, how can students win the revision battle?  With mental health once again in the news, it’s important to carefully plan revision timetables so that any stress or anxieties surrounding exams are minimised.  In this article, Senior Tutor, Caroline Fox explains the challenges students face plus top tips for planning so you reach the exam hall with remarkably less stress.

The three ‘Ps’

Tuesday 30 August 2016


This year has seen the largest ever year-on-year decline for GCSE results. With grades down to the lowest level since 2008, this is undoubtedly a very worrying time for many teenagers across the country. 

But for any young person that has not received the grades they were aiming for, it is far from the end of the journey. I know this from experience.

GCSE and A Level students are escaping the stress during exam season armed with felt tips, pencils and crayons. Alder Grange School have introduced colouring in sessions to help students combat stress and wind down from their exams.



Online learning gives you limitless possibilities. It offers great opportunities beyond the four-walled classroom and allows you to learn through a different medium, which is the Internet.

Online learning lets you meet and interact with different people, review for exams, complete assigned tasks at your own time and pace. But before you submit yourself in an online course, here are five things you need to know and understand about online learning.