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Modern classrooms design

How classrooms can be designed to boost productivity and motivation, while helping to promote future skills

A learning space that embraces and nurtures the relationship between teachers and children is crucial in cultivating a culture of working together. In today’s more progressive classrooms, technology is ubiquitous, collaboration is celebrated, movement is encouraged, and multiple activities take place in adaptable environments. The British Council for School Environments recognises the right of young people to learn in an environment which is safe, healthy and achieves thehighest quality… Full story
YHA appoints new Director of Strategy and Engagement

YHA appoints new Director of Strategy and Engagement

Youth charity YHA (England and Wales) has appointed Anita Kerwin-Nye as the Director of Strategy and Engagement. A highly accomplished charity leader with over 20 years of experience in the sector, Anita will take up her role on 1 November 2018. Within her new role, she will further develop YHA’s charitable focus, partnerships and programmes and strategic communications.  Anita has worked closely with YHA for a number of years through her work across education, charities, including the… Full story
Dyslexia Awareness Week sees Bristol Zoo 'going green'

Dyslexia Awareness Week - how to get involved

Dyslexia Awareness Week kicks off today and runs from 1-7 October. Here, we take a look at some of the events planned by the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) and find out about the organisation’s year-round work… Go Green for Dyslexia (sponsored by Nessy Learning) To kick off the week, on Monday 1 October, organisations and schools including M Shed and Brunel’s SS Great Britain in Bristol and Cardiff Bay Barrage will be lighting up green for Go Green for Dyslexia along with 3,000 children… Full story
Wilmslow Grange - the latest Frank Field Education Trust school

Outstanding school to become first Academy in Frank Field Education Trust

Wilmslow Grange Community Primary School in Handforth, Cheshire, has been approved to become the lead school in the Frank Field Education Trust (FFET). FFET is chaired by well-respected, long standing local MP for Birkenhead and champion of social justice, Frank Field MP. Its ethos is to promote social justice through outstanding educational provision to improve the life chances of all children and young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, so that they fulfil their potential… Full story
New look Quizalize automates differentiated learning

New look Quizalize automates differentiated learning

New look Quizalize provides students with support and extension activities after they finish quizzes, plus these are tailored to their level of understanding and is sent directly to their devices.  Quizalize, the award winning gamified formative assessment tool from UK edtech company Zzish – known for its real-time teacher dashboards,  has optimised the programme to make it easier for teachers to differentiate their teaching and, for the first time, measure the precise effectiveness of… Full story
Brian Crosby - state schools

Secondary state schools ‘excessively dominated by male headteachers’

Only 38% of headteachers at state secondary schools in England are women, despite the majority of teachers at those schools being female. The Oxford Open Learning Trust researched official statistics from the Department for Education, which show that 63% of all teaching staff in English state funded secondary schools are female - including headteachers. Despite this, just 1,400 of England’s 3,700 state secondary schools and academies are headed by women. The gender ratio for all secondary… Full story
Evac+Chair launches guide to emergency evacuation for educational premises

Evac+Chair launches guide to emergency evacuation for educational premises

To ensure schools, colleges, universities and academies are fully-equipped with the knowledge to evacuate safely, Evac+Chair has launched: A Specialist Guide to Emergency Evacuation for Educational Premises.  Exploring emergency evacuation procedures in educational facilities, the guide is aimed at headteachers, principals, governors, vice-chancellors, facilities managers, occupiers and owners of educational premises. The report looks at who is responsible in an emergency evacuation, what to… Full story
History re-made: New AR classroom application lets pupils see how York looked over 1,900 years ago 

History re-made: New AR classroom application lets pupils see how York looked over 1,900 years ago 

The online educational publisher Twinkl has launched a first-of-its-kind application showing the city of York in 3D as it changed throughout the ages from 70 to 1400AD.  The ‘Twinkl Ages: York app’ reveals how buildings appeared and the landscape transformed as York went from an area of open fields in 70AD to a city equipped with its famous waterways and cathedral by the Middle Ages. The free Augmented Reality app gives you the tools to show history being made in your classroom or home and… Full story

Twinkl launches product specifically for parents

The online educational publisher Twinkl has launched a bespoke service for parents.  The Twinkl website is home to over half a million learning resources for all ages and is used by educators across the globe, with over 3.8 million visitors worldwide.  Now parents can access bespoke resources on ‘Twinkl Parents’, a service designed to meet the needs of an increasing number of parents accessing and subscribing to the Twinkl website.  Jon Seaton, CEO and Founder of Twinkl, said: “We wanted… Full story
Arch Apprentices - apprenticeships

A Level Results Day: "School leavers think apprenticeships are for underachievers"

As school leavers across England and Wales collect their A level results, it seems misconceptions remain regarding one of the most dynamic post-school career options available – apprenticeships. New research from Arch Apprentices has suggested that negative perceptions about apprenticeships are still rife among Britain’s exam students. Specifically among females, the supposed lack of academic credibility is still a worry, despite apprenticeships allowing many avenues for adding to… Full story
The 8 reasons your school recruitment methods aren’t working and how you can take it all back. 

The 8 reasons your school recruitment methods aren’t working and how you can take it all back. 

Written by Katie Newell, Head of Content and PR at eTeach Continuous Candidate Engagement  A revolutionary 360o and 365 strategy for schools to attract and nurture the talent pipeline you need by engaging with the teacher community earlier, more often and continuously … to recruit the relevant staff you need quickly and at a much lower cost.  School Recruitment Has Changed  Can you keep up? Eight developments in the last decade have changed school recruitment for good:  Candidates are… Full story
SAM – Staff Absence Management Software

SAM – Staff Absence Management Software

SAM is bespoke online staff absence management software for schools and MATS that tells you who has hit triggers, when tasks are due, centralises all documents and quickly provides reports. It was developed by a School Business Manager to address the time and monetary cost of managing staff absence.  SAM prompts you when actions are due, highlights who is returning to work and when, monitors targets for you and tells you when someone hits a trigger. You can access reports by year, term,… Full story
Tackling staff absence in schools, academies and colleges

Tackling staff absence in schools, academies and colleges

A total of 2.16 million days were lost due to teacher sickness absence in 2015/16 according to the latest statistics from the Department of Education[i]. Other figures from the Liberal Democrats[ii] this year revealed that one in 83 teachers is now on long-term leave of one month or more for stress and mental health issues in 2016/17 – up 5% on the previous year. Adrian Lewis, director at Activ Absence says that sickness absence not only costs schools money, it can also impact staff morale… Full story
Alex Quigley - Closing the Vocabulary Gap

Alex Quigley on Closing the Vocabulary Gap

Renowned education writer Alex Quigley answers QA Education's questions on his latest title, Closing the Vocabulary Gap… What challenges do teachers face in terms of children having a poor vocabulary? The issue of children having a limited vocabulary is quite challenging in scale and subtly different from child to child. With the new bigger and harder curriculum at both primary and secondary school, the increased vocabulary and reading comprehension demand has risen considerably. Many… Full story
Half of education professionals consider quitting their jobs, due to lack of support around mental health

Lack of support around teacher mental health

The stigma around discussing mental health is still very much present, and the majority (80.3%) of education professionals agree that not enough is being done to support mental health at work. In fact, half (50.1%) have considered resigning from a job due to lack of support. That’s according to the latest data from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job site. The survey of 1,100 UK workers sought to explore the topic of mental-health in the workplace and how well employers support their… Full story
Future First

Eleven thousand volunteers go back to school to broaden students’ jobs horizons

More than eleven thousand former students across Britain have this year volunteered at their old state school in partnership with Future First, an education charity. By volunteering, these alumni have helped to broaden students’ jobs horizons and boost their aspirations for the future.   Their contribution represents more than 20,000 hours of free volunteering time, an invaluable boost for state schools currently grappling with limited budgets. Future First has helped these state schools to… Full story
Teaching Apprenticeship Programme

Questions about teaching apprenticeships?

Qualified Schools has launched the new Teaching Apprenticeship Programme to help schools recruit and train new graduates. Here, programme director Neil Gamewell explains why the programme provides a simple, fee-free and paid route into teaching. How can the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme help alleviate the shortage of STEM teachers? There are a number of reasons for the persistence of recruitment and retention problems across the teaching profession, which occur most acutely in STEM… Full story
A Coaching Revolution

A Coaching Revolution: why schools need extra help

Annie Boate, author of A Coaching Revolution, discusses why schools need extra help when it comes to improving the skills of existing staff, and details the impact of her work: How did you first get into the world of education and coaching (which one came first)?   I began my teaching career in a very challenging school in a deprived area. I quickly realised I had skills in motivating some of the most disengaged children with low prior attainment, low aspirations and low self-esteem.   I… Full story
Holistic Healing 4 Children book

Holistic Healing approach empowers children with emotional issues

Jacqueline Gray, the co-founder of Holistic Healing 4 Children along with Terri Allen, talks to QA Education editor Victoria Galligan about the work her team carry out with pupils and their families, as well as schools, to provide a holistic approach to empowering pupils to control their emotions.  What is Holistic Healing and how does it help children? Holistic Healing 4 Children works closely with the family to bring about a positive change for pupils. As we are holistic we look at the… Full story
Daniel Ball, director, Wax Digital, on school food buying

Serving up school food buying efficiencies 

Daniel Ball, director of Wax Digital spending management solutions, discusses efficient and cost-saving approaches to school food buying… Purchasing for school catering is never an easy task. Under pressure to feed hungry mouths a range of nutritionally-balanced meals on a daily basis, while at the same time accommodating government standards and compliance with food safety guidelines, there’s a lot to consider when planning menus for a new term and placing orders with the supply chain. And… Full story
Emma Hollis, executive director of NASBTT, on Damian Hinds QTS announcement

Damian Hinds announcement on tackling teacher recruitment and retention

Secretary of State Damian Hinds has announced the DfE's initial response to the report ‘Strengthening Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Improving Teacher Career Progression’, at Friday's National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) annual conference. Changes include extending the induction period from one to two years, while he blasted Mocksteds and triple marking as "costly distractions".  The Department for Education (DfE) launched the public consultation in December 2017, and it set out a… Full story
Children's Meditations In My Heart

Children's Meditations In My Heart: review

Review: Children’s Meditations In My Heart, by Gitte Winter Graugaard (£14.95, Room For Reflection Publishing) With test season in full swing, the importance of pupils getting a good night’s sleep is paramount. But worries about school, friends, arguments and all the other stresses which feature in everyday life can prevent children from nodding off.  The Danish – who coined the term 'hygge' for homely, cosy feelings and moments with loved ones – have found that children can be lulled to… Full story
Mammoth Memory screenshot

How Mammoth Memory can boost brain power among GCSE students

Mammoth Memory, the GCSE revision aid website, has been launched recently to help boost brain power among teens. Here, illustrator Kate Ulloa-James explains why students are able to remember more effectively when they can picture their subject… What is Mammoth Memory and how does it help GCSE students? Can you give an example? Mammoth Memory is a completely free education website that specialises in helping students memorise key points for their GCSE exams. Our fabulously fun images and… Full story
GDPR comes into force on May 25th

How will GDPR affect schools? UCL data expert tells heads how to prepare

UCL’s Nathan Lea tells our editor Victoria Galligan about how the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have an impact on schools and what can be done to prepare for the new regime, which comes into force on May 25th... How will GDPR affect the way primary and secondary schools use data overall? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) places a far greater emphasis on transparency with data subjects and indeed their guardians around how data is used. It is likely that… Full story