Should children be allowed to skip school to attend protests?

A survey, commissioned by the National Citizen Service has revealed that 61% of teachers questioned agreed that pupils should be allowed an “explained absence” to take part in a social activism activity and attend protests or marches. 

The National Citizen Service poll found that 8% of teachers polled relayed that 10 or more pupils at their school had missed lessons in 2018/2019 to take part in protests, such as those on climate change. 

Attend protests for climate change with placardsThe National Citizen Service is trialling a new one day social action plan, which will allow students to take time out of school to learn about different topics, such as how to inspire change. 

There will soon be more than 150 protests due to take place in the UK on September 20th 2019 in relation to climate change. This is all a part of the largest global climate strike which has been inspired by the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. 

School leaders have acknowledged the strength of feeling about the issue, but said they are concerned about the possible disruption to lessons and are urging pupils not to protest.