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Twinkl launches product specifically for parents

The online educational publisher Twinkl has launched a bespoke service for parents. 

The Twinkl website is home to over half a million learning resources for all ages and is used by educators across the globe, with over 3.8 million visitors worldwide. 

Now parents can access bespoke resources on ‘Twinkl Parents’, a service designed to meet the needs of an increasing number of parents accessing and subscribing to the Twinkl website. 

Jon Seaton, CEO and Founder of Twinkl, said: Twinkl

“We wanted to ensure that as well as having access to curriculum-based teaching resources we provided parents with the tools and confidence to support every stage of their child’s development. Twinkl Parents was also created to take away any mystery or confusion about what their child is learning at school, including the removal of any jargon. After all a lot has changed since most parents were there. So, if a child comes home asking what a fronted adverbial is – there is a resource, if you want to support your child with exams, there are guides for each type, or if you just want them to have fun whilst learning, there are loads of activities and games.”  

All of Twinkl’s products are created in-house and are approved by current and former teachers before they are uploaded to the website. The resources for the parent’s product undergo this approval process and non-teaching parents have also been consulted on the products.

“Twinkl Parents takes into consideration the unique opportunities and challenges that come with being a parent,” said Jon.  

“We have produced a large number of resources and games that can be used on a phone or tablet as we know that parents often access the site this way and don’t always have a printer. Parents can pay to subscribe monthly, to fit in with other financial outgoings but we appreciate that not everyone can subscribe, so, as always, there are some free resources on the site that parents can download too.”

Twinkl Parents is part of the core package available from Twinkl. This costs £4.99 a month and includes access to over half a million resources and Twinkl Originals digital storybooks. Through Twinkl Cares a customer advice team is available 365 days a year and users can also request new resources.  


The Twinkl subscription is really simple for parents and can be done here at the Twinkl login.

For more information on Twinkl Parents please click here