Teachers get their Saturdays back

Wand Education trials show teachers are able to “work less hours outside the classroom and pupils are getting more benefit from teaching”


Teachers spend on average 16.3 hours a week¹ to prepare and mark student worksheets. There are hundreds of testing tools available on the market, but none of these ends up making teachers’ lives easier – in fact many times, it’s the opposite. Most tools ask too much of teachers - to change their pedagogy fundamentals, or to change their daily teaching practice. But imagine a teaching tool that saves time and improves quality in a seamless, unobtrusive way that augments existing teaching practice.


Introducing Wand Education - the first content platform for both primary and secondary education, providing teachers with quick and efficient means to access, edit and deliver lesson presentations, worksheets and assessment activities. Structured around strong functionality and a premium ready-made content library, the platform reduces teacher workload while supporting improved performance metrics.



Unlike any of the educational technology tools on the market, Wand Education is the only one that embraces the way teachers prefer to teach and helps them deliver lessons in a more collaborating way. It also enables auto-marking and annotations, advanced reports with actionable data, giving teachers a transparent overview on how the class has achieved the learning outcomes. By monitoring how well pupils progress between the end of primary and the end of secondary school, Wand Education can also support a school progress in line with the Progress 8 Scheme.


Trial performance


Trials in West Exe and Cranbrook Schools in Exeter have shown that this new technology not only saves significant time for teachers in lesson prep and marking, but pupils are noticeably more engaged.


The Wand worksheets stood out during this pilot:

  • Ease of use, with all teachers managing to use them without any difficulty (they only had to give the worksheet code to students, with tests being ready made; this proved to be one killer feature of the worksheets).
  • All students agreed that digital worksheets are far more engaging than the paper-based version:
  • Instant feedback for their answers;
  • Easier to answer than on the paper-based version;
  • Content enhanced with multimedia elements.


Teachers said the Progress Learning Charts (PLC) reports are really useful and far better than what other tools have to offer, especially because they get more than a final score and can see where the learning gaps are. Wand Education also saved them time in generating these reports.


Teachers who were not ready to switch entirely to digital appreciated Wand’s ability to integrate printed and scanned worksheets into the digital workflow.




Both Head teachers from the trial schools see great potential in having ready-made content, auto-marked worksheets and reports, which will help them having a clear picture of the school.


Rich Pepperell, Head of Science

“It's really exciting for me to have found a platform that engages my students. The interactive nature of the worksheets keeps them on task and keeps them engaged in what they're doing. The big benefit for me is the fact it contains auto marking features. This means that it saves me time on marking. I can spend that time with my students, helping the ones who need it.”

Diane Brown, Head of English

“Students today are much more receptive to new technology. One of the best features for me is the reporting. It allows me to see at a glance which students are hitting which assessment objectives. That allows me to plan so they are making progress in those areas.”

Stephen Farmer, Head teacher

“As a Head teacher it's very important we're able to focus on the individual needs of every child. The software highlights any gaps in learning so my teachers can ensure that their students reach their full potential.”

Daniel Parchisanu, Product Director at Wand Education, says “Teachers in the UK do a fantastic job but are getting increasingly frustrated that the amount of time they spend on lesson planning and marking seems to be increasing, leaving them unable to do the job they love – to actually teach.”

Wand Education is launching at the BETT Show in January and subscription packages start at just £150 per annum. Teachers can sign up now to take advantage of a no obligation two week free trial to see how it can benefit them. Just go to https://wand.education


2 http://www.teachersknowbest.org/reports/making_data_work