UK’s leading online secondary school launches primary school classes

The UK’s leading independent online secondary school – InterHigh - is now offering primary school education.

InterHigh Juniors will launch this September offering the same quality, flexible, accessible and positive education online as its secondary school, for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. 

Founded in 2005, InterHigh began life with just 23 pupils but today teaches over 1,000 students worldwide from Year 7 through to AS and A Levels.

InterHigh works just like a normal school but is online. Pupils can log in to live interactive lessons wherever there is an internet connection. It means there is less disruption and behavioural issues in class, so staff can concentrate on teaching for the entire period and pupils can learn at their own pace. All lessons are also recorded and accessible online 24/7, so pupils and parents will be able to go over content at any time.

The school’s qualified and experienced primary teachers will lead classes limited to a maximum of 15 pupils, to ensure each child gets the attention they deserve. Pupils will be taught the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for England, which includes core subjects such as: English, Maths, Humanities, French, Science and Computing.

To help parents and pupils get a good insight into the new primary school, InterHigh Juniors has launched a six-weekOnline secondary school - InterHigh Summer School, which runs until 31st August.  The Summer school is designed to introduce pupils to online learning.

InterHigh Junior pupils will also have weekly tutorials and their own weekly common room with projects, activities and guest speakers. Pupils at InterHigh Juniors will also be able to operate in a safe social media environment, taking part in various online social groups and school clubs.

InterHigh’s CEO and co-founder, Jacqueline Daniell, said the demand for online primary school education and the school’s vision had led the move to expand the age range of their services.  

“Over the years, Interhigh has received an increasing number of requests for junior school places,” she said.

“The school’s learning platform has been greatly improved in the last 12 months and is now entirely suitable for younger learners. Great schools recognise that learning is lifelong. They reject narrow teaching and learning strategies focused exclusively on maximising short term academic grades. Instead, the priority is to equip each student to thrive in both the short and longer term - InterHigh Juniors is a great school. The InterHigh Juniors vision is for each student to graduate as an avid and thriving young learner. They will actively seek learning opportunity in all aspects of their lives and will carry all the foundation, knowledge and skills to excel in their learning challenges ahead."

“We are passionate regarding the transformational power of education and the value of an integrated and holistic approach. Our vision is delivered through a tripartite curriculum identifying: Learned Knowledge, Learning Skills and Learning Dispositions.”

For more information about InterHigh Juniors or to register for a place, please click here