Inspiring pupils in digital marketing

Mediaworks is pioneering the way for the younger generation and helping those interested become familiar with the world of digital opportunities. Recently the digital marketing agency took part in the opening of Lloyds Banking educational programme, The Rediscover Live Project. Selected as part of a cohort of success businesses in the North East, Mediaworks supported the project in a bid to bring more awareness to the sector.

Aimed at local school children aged 11-14 years, Mediaworks helped young students become more knowledgeable in the area and understand the opportunities available across digital marketing — from search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) to design and development roles to help enhance campaigns on all levels. 

Reiterating the importance of core school subjects, like maths and English, students were introduced to the world of digital marketing through a series of interactive presentations that were able to highlight the need for these subjects in the school curriculum. Mediaworks digital marketing session

Once this ended, students were grouped together and asked to come up with an idea for their own digital business. Students then produced a business proposal, marketing plan and assigned a budget to bring their digital business to life. From this, Mediaworks was able to help these newly-found entrepreneurs and advise them on how this would be implemented in the digital world.

The event was a huge success and encouraged children to start thinking about the digital industry as a sector that offers exciting careers — whether they succeed by venturing onto an apprenticeship after leaving school or going to university to study a degree.

The digital sector is showing no sign of slowing down, with developments constantly changing the direction we’re heading in. Now has never been a better time to get involved with the industry; especially for young people who are growing up hand-in-hand with the technological advancements the world is witnessing.

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