How to enhance your Literacy Teaching?

Since 1972 the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) have been dedicated to raising the literacy achievement of children by putting quality literature at the heart of all learning. CLPE are an independent UK based charity with an international reputation, we support teachers across the world and have improved literacy learning for over 5 million children. * 

Our knowledge and expertise is rooted in history and we continue to lead current thinking and practice in the teaching of literacy in primary schools. Research is core to everything we do. Investment in CLPE resources or training means you are accessing sound pedagogy based on extensive research and best practice delivered by our expert teaching team who bring their professional knowledge and teaching experience to CLPE.

We have an expert teaching team all of whom have leadership experience in primary schools and a passion for literacy. Their wide range of expertise covers all aspects of literacy practice and spans across the primary age range. They are all experienced teachers holding senior positions in schools such as head teacher, deputy head and literacy coordinator before joining CLPE’s teaching team. CLPE’s teaching team create all of the resources, courses and research to enhance and improve literacy teaching in primary schools.

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Find out below how to enhance your literacy teaching with CLPE…

*stats taken from CLPE’s Impact report 2014-2019

Training for all aspects of literacy teaching 

All CLPE training will help you build your subject knowledge and develop practical approaches to literacy learning that inspire a love of reading and writing for all children. Teachers attending our training, whether in person or online will receive resources and strategies to put learning into practice immediately. All of our training supports delivery of the National Curriculum and lends itself to the international school syllabus.

Enhance Reading in your school:

Our flagship training is underpinned by extensive research and expertise from our teaching team, proven to enhance and develop your literacy teaching. It uses quality children’s literature and proven creative teaching approaches to support and develop a high quality literacy curriculum and a whole school love of reading and writing.

Based on CLPE’s research and subject knowledge, this series of webinars will take participants through the CLPE Reading Scale, focusing on key attainment expectations for children at different ages and stages of development.

Our Teaching Reading courses incorporate the key components of reading: phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and inference and deduction.

Improve Writing: 

This series of webinars will take participants through the CLPE Writing Scale, focussing on key attainment expectations for children at different ages and stages of development and will explore high quality texts and experiences that support children’s progress and engagement as writers.

Develop strategies and routines that support all children to learn to spell effectively in the context of a rich reading environment.

Our Teaching Writing courses demonstrate how a high quality text can inspire a wide range of writing opportunities and develop children’s knowledge, skills and stamina as authentic writers.

Lead English Effectively:

Ideal for established subject leaders and those new to the role, this course provides professional and inclusive approaches to develop a clear vision for teaching and learning in English across the whole school and monitor impact on pupils. Participants will be given the tools to effectively use their knowledge and resources to improve standards of learning and achievement for all pupils. 

Develop Phonics across all year groups:

These webinars explore the journey of early phonological development in EYFS, how phonics, reading fluency and spelling develop in KS1 and how to identify and address gaps in phonic knowledge at KS2. These webinars look at how to build a programme of systematic phonics teaching, sharing a range of activities that support children to become successful and engaged readers and writers.

Explore specialist subject knowledge:

These webinars focus on specialist knowledge explored in the CLPE book The Power of a Rich Reading Classroom. The four individual webinars focus on Picturebooks, Poetry, Non-Fiction and Reflecting Realities. Each webinar looks at how to choose and use texts to support children’s engagement, attainment and identity as readers and writers. Through a range of interactive activities and discussion, participants will gain practical ideas to use in their class and school.

Work alongside a published children’s author/illustrator to learn how to use picturebooks to make impact on children’s reading and writing development. Enhance your understanding of how words and illustration work together to convey meaning and how to work creatively to construct a complete narrative, developing your understanding of an authentic writing process

Discover all training the CLPE offers…

“We invested heavily in CLPE’s high quality CPD for all our teaching staff, and continue to do so each year. As a result, we feel that children’s subject knowledge has increased as each year they are receiving a more consistent pedagogy, with staff using the same effective teaching approaches across school.” 

  • Lisa Green, English Subject Leader, Northwood Community Primary

Time saving and impactful resources 

At CLPE, we create and share a range of high quality teaching resources to support classroom learning from Early Years teaching to Year 7. Our resources are free for schools to ensure as many schools as possible have access to the best knowledge, research and materials to help them use quality children’s literature to raise children’s achievement.


Corebooks is our database of more than 700 tried and tested books selected by our dedicated CLPE Librarian, divided into collections to suit readers of all ages and experience.


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Poetry teaching resources 

A free collection of high quality teaching resources and videos to support the teaching of poetry in primary schools, associated with our yearly poetry award, CLiPPA, and the connected shadowing scheme.

Power of Pictures

Free teaching resources and videos that support teachers to use picturebooks to enhance children’s reading comprehension and composition of their own creative writing, from Early Years to Key Stage 2.

CLPE’s YouTube channel 

The CLPE Youtube channel hosts videos from poets, authors, illustrators and the CLPE team and focuses on all things literacy. Subscribe for new videos all year round. 


Our Librarian and Teaching Team create free booklists that cover a range of themes from Refugee Experiences to Superheroes, historical events to our yearly staff picks.  

Discover a free membership on the CLPE website to access all of these resources…

“The planning has saved me hours of my own time and I am able to focus on creating memorable and engaging English lessons for my pupils.” 

  • Joanna Shobbrook, Year 5/6 teacher, St Michael’s Primary School

Award-winning whole School Membership 

The CLPE School Membership supports teachers under immense pressure and offers ideas and structure for their literacy curriculum, to raise literacy standards and develop a love of reading and writing.

Access includes:

  • Over 230 Power of Reading teaching sequences based on tried and tested children’s books
  • Home learning teaching resources
  • CLPE’s curriculum maps to show how to plan a text based curriculum
  • Priority access to book CLPE conferences and events
  • One free webinar place, allowing a teacher from  your school to enhance their subject knowledge with CLPE experts*
  • Exclusive discount on books through Peters Books
  • Plus access to all free membership resources and content

*See website to view list of webinars available

The CLPE School Membership has been awarded 5 stars in the English category of the Teach Primary Awards 2021.  

“The judges were extremely impressed by the innovative, flexible and holistic nature of this resource. We all agreed that it would have a significant impact on learning and supports teachers’ understanding and practice. It is also extremely cost-effective.” – UKLA

With lots of benefits and excellent reviews, join the thousands of schools using the CLPE School Membership to build a book based curriculum.

The CLPE’s charitable purpose is to improve the life chances of children by ensuring that every child has access to quality experiences of literacy. CLPE provide teachers with the knowledge and resources to support children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers.  

Let CLPE support your primary school to achieve this.