The Sharpham Trust

The Sharpham Trust offers mindfulness retreats in aThe Sharpham Trust House beautiful corner of the South West of England.
The Trust exists to connect people to nature and themselves and is set in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
This enables retreatants to become totally immersed in the peace and tranquillity of the landscape around them, providing the ingredients for a restful, rejuvenating experience.
The Trust offers full-board retreats in three retreat venues on the Sharpham Estate, in the gorgeous South Hams area of South Devon.
When you stay in Sharpham House, you’re looked after full-board in an elegant but comfy Georgian villa on the banks of the River Dart. There are single occupancy and shared rooms on a variety of secular retreats for up to 32 people staying from 3-5 nights. 

Retreats in Sharpham House

These include:

•    Mindfulness through Yoga
•    Mindfulness through Walking
•    Sustaining Ourselves – a retreat for stress & burn-out
•    Mindfulness through Singing
•    Retreats with Extra silence

The Sharpham TrustRetreats at The Barn

If you stay at The Barn, you’ll be sharing a living space, doing daily mindful work in The Barn’s gardens and cooking meals together.
Barn retreats are for up to 11 people and each retreatant has a single room. Barn retreats are in the Buddhist tradition but you don’t have to be Buddhist to participate. They last for 6 nights and run weekly, Sunday to Saturday. 
Some Barn retreats feature particular Buddhist leaders and subjects, others are themed towards different audiences, including young people, men, women and LGBTQ+ people.


Retreats in the Woodland Campsite

These offer a more intense connection to nature, where you stay in furnished bell-tents on the Sharpham Estate from 3-5 nights. Our Woodland Retreats are full-board and include:

The Sharpham Trust
•    Woodland Retreats for women
•    Stillness & Flow – canoeing with mindfulness
•    Foraging

As a retreatant, you’ll dine on vegetarian, vegan and organic food – lots of which is grown on the Sharpham Estate.  
All Sharpham Trust retreats are underpinned by a strong message of connecting to nature and one’s self. The charity is continually working towards its vision of a more mindful, compassionate and environmentally-sustainable world. or sign up to receive news of retreats and events from The Sharpham Trust here: