The mental health service that is inspiring change in schools

Increasing numbers of children are struggling with childhood trauma and ACES ( Adverse Childhood Experience’s) such as being in care or experiencing domestic violence, loss and abuse. These experiences are affecting children’s ability to flourish in school and are creating barriers to learning. Children are unable to access the curriculum because they are too busy trying to survive their circumstances. Schools are seeing an increase in behavioural difficulties, peer relationship issues and hyperactivity. With many teachers questioning their skillset and wondering whether they are in the right profession.  
TPC Therapy Ltd is inspiring schools to become more therapeutic in their approaches, putting emotional wellbeing and mental health at the core of education. 
The service is lead by childhood trauma specialist Shahana Knight, who is on a mission to help schools think outside the box and re-conceptualise the idea of what school should be. 
Shahana is inspiring schools all over the UK to adopt more therapeutic approaches to teaching. She has been featured on BBC Teach and NewsRound – her ideas are unlike any other services out there!
TPC Therapy will help you focus on your own wellbeing and mindset through wellbeing days and teach you new ways to respond to children through her CPD sessions – which have a focus on childhood trauma. 
We are also the proud creators of the Therapeutic School Approach – the whole-school approach to help you execute a true therapeuticChild relaxing after mental health service - TPC Therapy approach that will become part of your school and staff’s ethos and belief system. 
TPC Therapy will also help you redesign your classroom spaces, corridors and staffrooms through the Therapeutic Schools Approach and teach your students about their own mental health through the happiness project. 
The service offers a range of options to support everyone in school, from your children and teachers to the midday organisers. 
If you are looking for guidance that will upskill your staff, develop trauma-informed thinkers and have a significant impact on the children in your school, then we can help! 
Contact us to arrange:
Play therapy 
The therapeutic school approach (whole school)
The therapeutic teaching course (6 sessions)
The happiness project (PHSE sessions)
Staff Wellbeing inset days 
Year 5+ 6 wellbeing mornings 
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