KidSafe UK Children’s Mental Health & Safeguarding Programmes

KidSafe UK provides Primary, Specialist and Nursery schools with a robust, structured programme of works to safeguard children and promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.  Using our unique model staff are trained to deliver our fully inclusive programmes to children in their school. 

Using a whole school approach, our linguistic framework tackles difficult issues helping to promote children’s resilience and the standardised language is used across a school.  KidSafe lessons meet many statutory requirements for Ofsted, KCSiE & PSHE and can be included in your policies for safeguarding, child protection, bullying, inclusion and behaviour as it addresses all these areas through the delivery of the programme directly to children.  Schools are provided with evidence showing how KidSafe meets these requirements.
KidSafe has been successfully delivered in the North of England for over 15 years and is highly valued by head teachers, DSL’s, pastoral teams, teachers, support staff, Governor’s and parents/carers but most importantly by the children themselves.  
Our prevention/early intervention modality empowers children to speak out around any issue relating to their safety, mental health and emotional wellbeing reducing the need for children to access already saturated support services. 
KidSafe can be delivered as part of the curriculum to every year group, and as with all our programmes the approach is age-appropriate and designed not to shatter any child’s innocence, this means our programmes are highly effective, entirely child-centred and will help to minimise both the short and long term impact and harm associated with issues which could impact on a child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.   
The KidSafe UK Safeguarding Tool Kit for Schools contains all the training, skills and resources needed to deliver children’s mental health and safeguarding programmes, with 35 hours of scripted PSHE lessons per year group.  Scripted lesson plans are provided to give staff the confidence to deliver the KidSafe programme.
There is no use of explicit materials or language and the programme follows a simple, tried and tested model, most importantly we make it fun for children to participate, delivery is through a variety of methods including games, group discussion, scenarios and group work exercises.  A unit for head teachers/SLTs is available to deliver as a twilight/inset session on how to adopt KidSafe UK within your school, the unit includes how staff can look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing.
Full Programme 1 (FP1) Lessons include trust and saying ‘no’, feelings, bullying, assertion, trusted grown-ups, keeping our bodies and private places safe, secrets in relation to abuse, a low-level introduction to domestic abuse, positive mental health and KidSafe UK Logoemotional wellbeing


  • Late Y1 - Y6
  • EYFS Low-level version of FP1 meeting PSED early learning goals
  • Internet safety & cyber bullying prevention workshops Y3 - Y6 
  • Full Programme 2 (FP2) Lessons include choices, peer pressure, anger, domestic abuse, online safety, harm caused from watching/playing inappropriate games/films, positive mental health and emotional wellbeing.  Y2 – Y6  

Contact information:

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