The arrival of A level results, out on 16th August, can herald a particularly stressful time for both students and parents alike. Gabbitas, the leading education consultants, have a great deal of expertise in identifying a way through the many options. With their in-depth knowledge of the educational landscape and their experience in dealing with students who find themselves having to look for a new way forward, help is at hand to relieve the stress with some practical solutions.

It isn't always a case of lower than expected grades that can lead to consternation as to what next, often better than UCAS clearing systemexpected grades pose an equally difficult conundrum.

Finding the right solution requires some fast thinking and an in depth look at what might be possible for the start of the next academic year. This is something that many find hard to do given the complexities of dealing with the university UCAS clearing system.  Expert help is also on hand for checking the availability of suitable places for re-sits. 

Gabbitas' strength lies in providing independent, unbiased advice with the student at the core of the discussions - no one solution fits all. Tailored made professional advice to help students who miss their firm and ‘insurance' offers, those wanting to upgrade or change their minds about their choices, have not had any offers or have missed the UCAS deadlines entirely!

The consultants will review the choices made well in advance of the results, look at new course options, and help, if necessary, in withdrawing from the UCAS process to do re-takes or to take a gap year. The same level of help is available to GCSE students who do not get the grades for their chosen places for A level studies or who want to look at alternative options for their future, such as apprenticeship schemes.

Help is at hand for the UCAS clearing system even if the timelines are tight!
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