Prepare your pencil cases and sharpen your stationery because with only a few weeks to go, National Stationery Week is calling on children, teachers and parents to get involved during April 25-May 1! 

The exciting yearly event is the perfect opportunity to celebrate those packed-out pencil cases and write a poem, a story or small notes to friends and family by hand.

Image removed.Stationery-loving schools can download a selection of lesson plans from the campaign website,, to encourage children to use a selection of colourful pens and pencils to create handwritten notes to study, create and explore

Other fun writing ideas include – 

• Send a letter from a historical figure to a modern day person. Ever wonder what Henry VIII would writeto his wives or what Florence Nightingale would pen to the injured troops? 

• Practice those joined up words and improve your spelling. Always get ten out of ten. 

• Write a film or book review. Why would other people love your favourite book or cry at your favourite film? 

• Create a poem or a story. Make it rhyme, if you have the time!

• Make up a play and perform it for your friends and family. To be or not to be….

• Post a letter of thanks to your teacher, parent or friends. Thank you for everything you do.

With some schools in Finland and the United States axing handwriting from their curriculums, National Stationery Week is encouraging students across the globe to develop a unique style of writing and discovering their own unique voice by putting pen to paper, proving that ‘Writing matters.

Chris Leonard Morgan, founder of National Stationery Week is excited to see what schools are doing during National Stationery Week; 

“We really want to get children to pick up a pen and write; there’s immense possibility in a pen and they can be a source of inspiration for so many. 

“We’re excited to see what schools do during National Stationery Week because stationery and writing are both fundamental parts of education. The key part of National Stationery Week is fun!”

National Stationery Week is sponsored by Maped Helix, Nu Notebooks, Bic, Sheaffer and Staedtler.