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Trevor Elliot Foster Carer in South London

Trevor Elliot: Not your typical foster carer

For anyone who might write themselves off from becoming a foster carer, Trevor’s story should inspire you to think again.

Trevor had…

Mental Health and Wellbeing show 2022

Cardiff City Hall to host Wales’s biggest Mental Health Conference in 2022 with Frank Bruno MBE

The Headspace magazine are pleased to be working with the Mental Health and Wellbeing Show 2022 in Cardiff!

Organised by Ajuda Event…

Sundail Theray for austistic individuals

Sharing Best Practice and Evidence-Based Therapy for Autistic Individuals

Sundial Therapy Conference 2022 : The first annual therapy conference in the Northwest is going to be held on 1st April 2022 at Haydock…

Dr Mark Brookes MBE, Advocacy Lead at Dimensions UK

Teaching difference: Minimising bullying of those with learning disabilities and autism

More than a third of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) experience bullying while in mainstream education1…

Fairchildes Primary at The Big Hair Assembly

How to ensure your school is inclusive of Afro hair

No child wants to be a hidden figure in education. Yet, for decades, children with Afro hair have been struggling with punishments and…

francesca manca on Career Path

High School Students with Autism to Get Help Finding Their Career Path

A Liverpool entrepreneur has launched the ‘first of its kind’ workshop for special educational needs high school students who want to find their…

child on laptop using Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit

Get ready for the relaxation of restrictions with Tillr’s Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit

It is acutely ironic that 2020, a number associated with complete clarity of vision, is a year of unmatched confusion when it comes to looking…

A literacy lesson in primary school classroom

It’s time to shake up how we identify literacy difficulties

When you struggle to read it puts you at a potentially life-long disadvantage, says Bernadette McLean, so it’s time to look at new methods,…

AI in schools - children read with a teacher

Can AI in schools help keep learning personalised?


Aritificial intelligence (AI) is now helping teachers to identify issues such as dyslexia. Wendy Francis-White, assistant…

Children in wheelchairs with BundleBean covers

Cosy covers from BundleBean – for everyday adventures in all weathers!

Enjoy easier days out with our Wheelchair cosies – that fit effortlessly on to all special needs buggies, manual and powered wheelchairs.  They…

Sam Blyth on what lies ahead for educators

The roaring twenties - what lies ahead for educators?

New Year is traditionally a time to look ahead and consider the future, even if it falls halfway through the year from a teacher’s perspective.…

Orchard Hill College exterior

Enabling a mobile campus at Orchard Hill College

Enabling a mobile campus at Orchard Hill College, article from Paul Fisher, Technical Consultant at Parallels


SEND teacher roles

What you should know about SEND teacher applications

January to June is a key time for school recruitment and for roles working with people with special needs and disabilities as the New Year is…

Students at national school competition learning about space and robotics

National school competition ignites children’s interest in space and robotics

The online educational publisher Twinkl and the EPSRC UK Robotics & Autonomous Systems Network (UK-RAS Network), have joined forces to launch…

Sonia Blizzard on the crucial role cyber security plays in student safeguarding

The crucial role cyber security plays in student safeguarding

The crucial role cyber security plays in student safeguarding by Sonia Blizzard, managing director of

Girl with Speech, Language and Communication special needs in therapy

Safeguarding vulnerable Speech, Language and Communication Needs children with early intervention

Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) are prevalent issues found within many children’s disabilities or difficulties. Whilst they make…

Winston looks at 'Is there any value spending time making parent-friendly communication?'

Is there any value spending time making parent-friendly communication?

Winston Poyton, education, charities & commercial product director at IRIS Software Group discusses the best way for schools to engage parents…

Abbot’s Lea School students with International School Award

Abbot’s Lea School achieves International School Award

Woolton-based Abbot’s Lea School has been honoured with an international school…

Games at the national maths conference

Literature, LEGO and learning to meet at national maths conference

Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, ‘maths dancing’ and LEGO will be among the wide variety of subjects introduced during the 80 original talks and…

Little boy using WiFi on a computer at school

How WiFi is Transforming the Student Experience

The generation that has never lived life without the internet and easy access to a computer, Gen Z-ers grew up during the ultimate period of…

Primary school girl brushing her teeth

One in ten children leave primary school unable to brush their teeth

Surprising numbers of children in the UK are leaving primary school without basic life skills such as being able to brush their own teeth, dress…

Rhino UK sensory board

Transform floors, walls and lives – Rhino UK Talk Inclusive Play

Sensory Activities are becoming a hot trend, and we couldn’t be more excited that people are coming around to an inclusive style of play. 

Coloured radiator covers in clinical setting

How coloured radiator covers can be used in autism education environments

Colour psychology studies how hues can impact the human behaviour. This is vital in an…

Liverpool headteacher - Ania Hildrey - up for National Autistic Society Award

Liverpool headteacher up for National Autistic Society Award

Mrs Ania Hildrey, headteacher of Abbot’s Lea School in Woolton, has been shortlisted for the National Autistic Society's prestigious Autism…

Robot hands - classroom of the future

Building The Classroom of the Future

Building The Classroom of the Future: Why Tech Will Be An Asset and a game changer for Education
Dr Andrew Hobbs, Chief…