You Can Study With Selfies and Twitter?!


SAM Labs wireless blocks revolutionise studying with the Internet of Things, teaching kids programming while they study or complete their homework

As of 2015, children clock around an average five to seven hours per week on homework. One in four parents is said to use a tutor to “top up” their child’s education. What if you could replacing expensive tutors and make homework an enjoyable, learning experience? With SAM, you can.

Image removed.SAM is an essential tool for educators, parents, and children. The most playful homework helper, studying enhancer, and ultimate learning assistant, SAM blocks encourage fun learning without breaking the bank.

Unlike traditional textbooks or educational top-up programs with single functions, SAM blocks can be used for a broad range of learning techniques, creatively harnessing the power of education through the IoT and a gamified user experience.  

Imagine a world where homework involves social media and cell phones, a world where preparing for a test is more fun, encouraging, and engaging than Pokémon Go! At the push of a button, you can create world of smart devices. Swapping ideas for your group report? Send them with a selfie bot. Gaming over studying? Why not do both.

Joachim Horn​, CEO and founder of SAM Labs, says:

“Any child at home or in school can pick up these kits and play, while learning twice as fast as conventional tools.”Image removed.

With SAM, you’re allowing for fun to enter a learning environment through a multidimensional approach.

SAM blocks work like a recipe: Cook up any invention by simply connecting the dots in the easy-to-use app, SAM Space, and test these connections across physical, wireless SAM blocks in real life. Connections are then customisable with the addition of software blocks, spanning from Logic gates to Log files, to elements like Twitter and Facebook. Master software connections on screen, but cap screen time by bolstering tangible building skills through hardware and creativity. All of these elements are the ingredients to a successful learning session, masked by playfulness.