Worrying about teacher recruitment is futile unless we solve the retention crisis, argues new report

Following this year’s ‘Shaping CPD’ conference, held at the University of Cambridge in April 2016, IRIS Connect have published a new report addressing the UK’s teacher recruitment and retention crisis.

Conference delegates voiced their frustration at the current situation. As Hannah Wilson, Professional Learning and Consultant Leader at Harris Federation, pointed out: “If we spent more time developing and looking after the staff that are already experienced in the classroom, they wouldn’t leave.” This report explores a possible solution. 

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Inspired by this, the ‘Shaping the future of CPD: Recruit, Train, Develop, Retain’ report considers whether career-long professional learning can help the UK education system not only recruit, but also train, develop and retain high quality teachers.

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The report includes key findings and recommendations from the conference. It also offers advice for developing a healthy professional learning culture and suggests actions forteachers, schools and the wider system to make effective and supportive career-long professional learning a reality. 

As Tim Matthews, Deputy Head at Oriel High School, said at the conference: “We are not going to get better outcomes if we don’t have better teachers, so let’s just invest in them.”

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The report can be downloaded at www.irisconnect.co.uk/shapingcpd, where you can also watch conference highlights and read a summary of recommendations.