Why IT monitoring is essential for schools and colleges

We all know that constant advancements in technology are changing both how we work, and also our private lives. IT monitoring now plays a key role across all sectors, with education being no different. The internet isn’t just where people go to do their research; it is now often the primary route through which students obtain their education, and teachers deliver it.

IT is a core part of the educational experience of today, as lectures are watched online, course materials are downloaded from online platforms and assignments are submitted through secure sites. It is now impossible to imagine an educational context without a computer or an internet connection, which means getting your IT network operating without a hitch is paramount. 

As virtual learning environments become the new standard, IT personnel face increasing demands on their limited time and budget, as every piece of learning material must now be accessible 24/7. This is where an effective network monitoring tool can be useful. For instance, when it comes to the education sector, technology can be used to monitor multiple locations, relevant if a school or college is distributed across different sites. The technology solution collects and sends relevant data to a central console, which in turn processes the information and alerts IT Administrators to any potential hazards e.g. storage space is critically full.

Dirk Paessler is CEO of Paessler, makers of PRTG Network Monitoring, based in Nuremburg, Germany.In addition, a network monitoring solution allows IT to gain a better at-a-glance overview of the network by creating a single dashboard displaying an exhaustive overview of even the most complex infrastructures. It also speeds up and facilitates the problem solving process, as an entire team can be kept up to date constantly and automatically. Ultimately, implementing a network monitoring solution eases the strain on IT employees and ensures consistent availability and performance for teachers and students using the systems, devices and applications connected to the network.


Dirk Paessler is CEO of Paessler, makers of PRTG Network Monitor, based in Nuremburg, Germany.