Who are KRCS and what is your differentiator in the education sector?


Founded in 1983, KRCS are UK’s leading Apple specialists. We’ve been providing solutions since the days of the Apple II, the first commercially popular microcomputer manufactured by Apple. Our FirstClass programme is a culmination of over 30 years of experience gained in UK schools, colleges and universities.

Our aim is to promote new classroom behaviour by embedding mobile devices into the schools’ curriculum to enhance development and learning. Together with teachers, we can deliver tangible improvements in attainment and attendance levels by engaging and empowering students.

KRCS have worked with iPads since their first introduction in 2010, so we are very much the recognised business partners to discuss project requirements of any scale.

What support does KRCS offer?

Our tried and tested solutions are simple, flexible and more importantly affordable. We provide unique benefits and flexible funding for education institutions. We offer special consideration to financial planning and parental contributions where required. Our focus is to help reduce unexpected costs concerning insurance, warranty and device protection.

We strive to ensure our schools have the reassurance that they are dealing with market experts. No matter where they are on their IT journey. We have the experience of the education sector as well as the technology skills to support your needs. For example, our Launch Control supports schools with new iPad deployments, getting the technical setup just right from day one. Launch Control can also help schools who may have been using iPads for some time and for whatever reason are finding technical challenges an obstacle.

Could you talk us through the steps of KRCS involvement?

We strive for all our schools to have a successful iPad journey, so we start with an evaluation programme. We build solid foundations by addressing key considerations at a very early stage. We like to involve teaching staff and pupils to understand the pedagogical benefits of iPad as a transformational learning tool. Our programme starts by addressing the school’s vision and plans for the future. We also help school’s IT departments in identifying areas of infrastructure that may need to develop as the deployment grows.

After we have established a clear vision for the use of iPad, it’s time to deploy to staff and students in a live environment. It’s essential to make scalable decisions during the first major deployment.

We offer evaluation and shaping schemes that will suit your needs now and scale comfortably in the future.  

We also provide a one-to-one scheme (e.g. an iPad for every student) where students and teachers can experience the true power of the use of iPad as a transformational learning tool.

The ‘FirstClass: One to One’ programme uses the knowledge and experience of the KRCS technical and education teams to design a unique and affordable personalised learning program for your school. 

Teaching is collaborative by nature and we feel it’s crucial that staff understand the impact of their work on young people, their teams, and the organisation as a whole.


[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"504","attributes":{"class":"media-image size-medium wp-image-9150 alignleft","typeof":"foaf:Image","style":"","width":"300","height":"169","alt":"Philip-Woods"}}]]Philip Woods is a Director of KRCS Group, an Apple Solutions Expert for Education – having worked with schools, colleges and universities with their team of education solutions experts for nearly 30 years. They are happy visiting institutions to help getting the best from existing hardware as well as Apple's newest Mac and iPad ranges alongside many more education-specific hardware and software solutions. Philip is also a Huffington Post blogger who regularly contributes to current issues involving education and technology. His latest piece ’How to Raise Your Children in a Digital World’ can be read here.

For more information, please see: https://www.krcs.co.uk/education