The ultimate Halloween Event in London


PhoboPhobia, The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs, the home of Halloween, which is no surprise considering they have won the UKs scariest attraction, for 8 years in a row. 

This Halloween enter into the Nightmare of the Ventriloquist, where the puppets are out to play and want you to join in on their games, but beware as these puppets don’t have strings to hold them back from catching you. The Ventriloquist doesn’t always get his experiment right so as you delve deeper through the vaults, lurking in the shadows may be discarded marionettes who are dying to meet you!

October 22nd-31st, 6pm-11pm, strictly adults only.

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For the fainter hearted, The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs family friendly shows 10am-5pm. Book now 

HALLOWEEN DAY SHOWS FOR KIDS TOO (for daring kids, and still not for the faint hearted!)…

It’s our favourite time of year again, were the ghosts and ghouls come out to play at The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs and we can guarantee they’ll give you a Spooktacular time!

This Halloween, don’t miss out, as The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs celebrate the gory history of the past 2000 years. Join in with their adventure and for those who join in your own costume there may be a little surprise waiting for you.

For a Limited time only come and meet our Soothsayer from 60AD and make the potion to defeat the Romans. Suss out if there is a witch in your party with our superstitious characters you will meet during your journey. But be careful…make sure you don’t bump into Ben Crouch who is always on the hunt for his next victim.

Following your trip through the vortex you will land at The London Tombs and this is where your Halloween nightmare really begins. Their Zombies want to keep you in their plague pit so hold tight to your friends as you make your way through the UK's Scariest Attraction coming face to face with the demons they have locked away below.

Will it be a trick or a treat for you this year?

They are dying to meet you!!!