There’s nothing ‘old-skool’ about BASIC


The Rt Hon John Bercow, Buckinghamshire MP and Speaker for the House of Commons recently attended a coding workshop at Swanbourne School to see how they were keeping up with the new computing curriculum.  Mr Bercow certainly got more than he bargained for as he ended up taking part in the work shop provided by FUZE Technologies and even partnered with a very impressed student.

FUZE coding workshops give an insight into real coding using text based programming languages that are perfect for late primary to early secondary.

Image removed.The principle focus is on providing an option between visual coding tools like Scratch and professional, real-world languages like Python. The gap between these environments has been likened to playing happily in the shallow end of the pool to being dumped, armbands removed, into the deep end and left to fend for themselves.

BASIC is an ideal text based language specifically designed to be accessible to a wide age group and ability range.  FUZE has a wealth of experience and content, and as such deliver enlightening workshops for all involved.Image removed.

Following Mr Bercow’s experience of the FUZE workshop he commented;

“FUZE has developed a specialised approach to teaching coding.  Where FUZE really excels is in enabling primary school and young secondary children to learn to code using a text based language which is what real coding is all about. FUZE has designed a toolset to ease students out of the coding kindergarten into the real world which offers exciting career opportunities for future generations of creators.

I was struck by how much fun the children were having. They were learning, the room was loud, full of energy, excitement and laughter.  Every child was engaged and enthralled.  I would urge any school looking to enhance its teaching in this field to take a look and get Team FUZE into their school for a workshop.”