Stone Group Offers Primary Schools £2500 Worth of IT Support for Free


Stone Group, the provider of ICT solutions and services to education and the public sector, announced it will offer all primary schools in the UK a free 90-day trial of Stone Assist - its modular, flexible IT support solution. 

For 90 days, schools will get access to Stone’s “Essential” base package of remote and additional on-site support, receiving support from a UK-based technical helpdesk as well as a dedicated engineer on site for one day a week, valued at nearly £2500.

The base-level “Essential” package provides primary schools with essential IT comprising of:
•    Remote ICT support – for teachers and technical staff
•    Online helpdesk – a school-branded system 
•    A dedicated, named, local service delivery manager 
•    Dedicated support line – speak to a team member within three rings 


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Within the 90-day timeframe, schools can expect to see technology more successfully embedded into the curriculum, transforming and enriching the learning experience for both teachers and pupils. By alleviating the burden of self-supporting IT, Stone Assist frees up staff time to focus on teaching, and the cost savings on IT support throughout the trial period could mean funds redirected towards other school projects.

There are six available modules that can also be combined with the base package to build a more tailored support solution, these are:
•    Vision and Strategy – quarterly consultancy from Stone Group and Stone’s Education Specialists on how to integrate ICT into the school’s plan 
•    Security – complete back-up solution and anti-virus software
•    Engagement – technical or pedagogy focused training for staff to maximise benefits and return on investment 
•    Monitoring – proactive remote monitoring service, in combination with helpdesk support
•    On-site service – regular visits from a dedicated Stone Group technician to provide hands on help and support 
•    Communication – enabling primary schools to benefit from the latest email, instant message, voice, and video communication and collaboration tools. 

Simon Harbridge, CEO at Stone Group, commented: “We understand that schools may feel some uncertainty when it comes to trusting an external company with their IT. By eliminating any perceived risk, we hope that schools will seize the opportunity to try Stone Assist for free and with no strings attached. If, after the 90 days, there is interest in continuing that’s fantastic, but there really is no commitment.

“With nearly three decades’ experience supporting primary schools and academies of all sizes – from village primaries with 80 pupils right through to large inner city academies with 800 pupils - we see the impact that technology is having on education and the challenges this brings. With Stone Assist we are enabling customers to build a tailored support solution by combining six available modules with the base-level essentials package.”